About Us

About Us
GoodsBuddy Best Choice Products Near to You. GoodsBuddy is an outlet that focuses on the most recent sensible inventions, Accessories, Travel Gear, Home, and children Stuffs that pop across the web. It doesn’t matter if the merchandise is totally helpful or completely useless, as long as it’s obscure, unusual, fascinating, or excellent, you may see it featured on GoodsBuddy. In its necessary type, we tend to scour the web to search out the weirdest product that you will purchase on the internet.

GoodsBuddy was supported in 2019

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQ)

Do you sell a product on GoodsBuddy in real?
No. we tend to don’t sell any product here, we tend to area unit merely connecting to the product you’ll be able to get on different websites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Can you ship to my country?
You have to click through to the shop that’s very commercialism the merchandise and examine them. We tend to don’t sell any product, and we tend to area unit merely connecting to the web site wherever you’ll be able to purchase your fascinating product.

Do you give come policy?
Again, since we tend to don’t sell any product, we tend to don’t have a come policy. You may need to refer to the web site or online store from wherever you purchase/purchased your product(s) from in real.

The product you’re connecting to is not any longer offered, or the affiliation is broken. What’s the remedy?
Sometimes a product can run out of stock or ultimately be out of storage from stores. If you face this sort of drawback, please build contact with the USA and inform the USA that product is it’s so that we will update the merchandise as shortly as attainable. We might be grateful.

Is there any system of catalog or booklet that you will mail me?
At this moment we will not build a proposal of a physical catalog or magazine that we tend to send it through the mail. However, you’ll be {able to} sign on for our we tend likely account that we area unit was able to send to your email that describes our most excellent product of the week.

Can I send you data regarding my product or a product that I even have found online to be got the place on GoodsBuddy?
I will be able to be grateful for the USA to receive suggestions on a new product that we tend to haven’t met nevertheless. You’ve got to top off our contact type, and if the USA likes it, we are going to add the merchandise as featured one on our homepage.

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