Air Fryer Accessories

Air Fryer Accessories

Air Fryer Accessories pack are excellent quality.  This air fryer is 5.8 QT, and we think it’s big enough. They include rubber tongs to use. The other pieces are not thin metal, and these are non-stick and good quality. You feel happy if you purchase these accessories.

A lot of people talking about air fryers so you can get one. You use it many purposes and make fried pickles, wings, broccoli tots, “baked” potatoes, and pork chops. Everything has been great and quick to cook. Easy to clean up after complete your cocking item. The recipe book provides a ton of options. You may love the quick buttons for common food groups. This accessory is so far, so good.

You use it every day cooking Ore-Ida restaurant crisp French fries for the grandkids. The chips turned out better than McDonald’s. Your family loves his air fryer for chicken wings. Meet your more cooking needs, Easily expand the capacity of the air fryer. We recommend these accessories for your kitchen.

Customer Review

  1. I ordered these for my 5.8 Qt Air Fryer. I love the accessories! Great to use the rack when you have over the flow of what you are making in the basket. Like chicken or burgers, it’s simple and easy. You have to figure a way to get it in there with food at the bottom, but it will work. I saw other reviews that said these accessories are too small, but they are not. If they were bigger, they wouldn’t fit in the basket! And they can’t be made to go to the edges of the basket because the air needs to flow inside the basket hence the name “Air Fryer.” Highly recommend!

6 pcs accessory kit includes cake pan

  1. Pizza pan.
  2. Metal holder.
  3. Multi-Purpose Rack with five skewers.
  4. Silicone Mat.
  5. Egg bites mold with lid.

You are seeing various people using air fryers for cooking, and if you also know how to use this air fry. You were skeptical but kept seeing the food coming out of them. They kept saying how EASY it was to do and how EASY it was to CLEAN up afterward. You couldn’t ignore those comments. So when you finally decided to dive in, you saw these accessories and realized the potential benefit of them. Make you chose to go ahead and get them. You can use the more bottomless pot so far for cooking some frozen mixed vegetables. It didn’t take long at all, and you could cook as much quantity as you wanted. You cook juicy chicken thighs first and then the veggies. Your son was delighted! He loves the food you cook for him from this machine.


  • FDA Compliant & BPA free – made of good and safe food grade and heat-resisting materials, our accessories are FDA Compliant and BPA free, no worry about any hazardous chemicals, enjoy funny and healthy cooking.
  • Perfect for COSORI air fryer, also fit for 5. 3Qt, 5. 5Qt, 5. 8Qt & more XL air fryers, applicable for the Gowise USA, Philips, Cozyna, Power air fryer XL and most brands of air fryer
  • Dishwasher safe – All of our accessories are dishwasher safe, nonstick coating pans, metal rack, and heat-resistant mat & mold, which are durable and easy to clean up
  • 2-Year for free – 60-day money-back and 1-year buyer assurance (with the option of extending it by an additional year). Our customer support team In Southern California stands by for any questions!

Air Fryer Accessories

Air Fryer Accessories

Air Fryer Accessories

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