Anti Slip Shoe Grips

Anti-Slip Shoe Grips

This anti-slip was perfect! You use them for your wedding since your shoes were kind of slippery on the carpet. I am sure you love the fact that it comes with a blue pair that went perfect with the “something blue thing” they don’t look like they would have a good grip, but when you put it on, they work perfectly. This heart anti-slip shoe grips very surprised you. We loved it, and I definitely recommended it.

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I will definitely order these again. They are really making a difference. I love wearing platform stiletto heels, and the problem that I usually have is that I slip around too much, so I often only wear them for a couple of hours. Clarify, this is how the bottoms of the shoes don’t grip the ground as well as, for example, sneakers. The stickers are rubbery, so they help w/ traction. These stickers made my new pair of platform stilettos so stable that I was able to securely wear them for my cousin’s entire wedding (ceremony and reception). By the end of the night, there was only one spot on the sticker that looked like it was coming off, but it was probably because that part of the shoe wasn’t clean before I applied the label.

Features and Benefits

THREE PAIR PACKAGE – That is a winning offer. Get the opportunity to place the best anti-slip pads on three pairs of shoes instead of one and feel safe while looking stylish all day long. Two colours are available red anti-slip shoe grips and blue anti-slip shoe grips.

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED – Heart-shaped blue and red anti-skid protectors will be yours after this purchase. Match perfectly with Christian Louboutin red soles or use them as a special touch for your wedding day. It makes a cute addition to your Valentine’s Day too.

TOP LEVEL QUALITY – All the products, you will get exceptionally made of the highest quality materials that will ensure you are protected even after many years! 2″ tall, 0.1″ wide.

EASY TO PLACE – Every pair of your stylish grips comes equipped with self-adhesive. Just make sure the soles of your shoes are clean before placing them on.

HIGHLY COMPATIBLE – We have designed these pads making sure they will fit almost any kind of shoes, including kid shoes! Place them on all your heels, boots, or flats with no problem and never slip again.

Anti Slip Shoe Grips

Anti Slip Shoe Grips, from amazon

Anti Slip Shoe Grips

Anti Slip Shoe Grips, from amazon

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