ATV Rear Seat

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2022!

This rear ATV seat is an excellent option if you’re looking to add a second seat. It is far better constructed than what you see in the pictures. The storage space is immense. The opening could be a little bit larger, but you can’t complain. If you would like to see a little bit of insulation around the sides and possibly bottom. You will probably be adding insulation yourself in the form of reflected so that you can use it as a cooler when needed.

The packaging was sound and in great shape. We have to say that it is much easier to drill the holes with the cargo rack removed. The keys and hardware were ties wrapped to the lid’s underside, pretty easy to find after releasing the hold-down straps one opening the lid. It took about 30 minutes to install after the rack remove and the holes were drilled. They could be more significant and cover more surface area. This piece is an excellent addition to the ATV.

The Rear Seat matches in color, and its have super comfortable tons of space. You’d love to have seen the larger compartment separated left and right so you can throw cold drinks and ice on one side, but your spray foam skills will take care of that. The clearances are professional, and the plastic is rock hard. There’s no cheap flimsy flexing going on this thing is way better than another product.

ATV Rear Seat buys one for your outlander xmr, and it works great. The rear seat for ATV is super comfortable. Make your dad so jealous he had your order another one. Only gave it because they should put some seal around the lid. If you work for a door company, you used some rubber smoke gas kiting and put it on both straight edges, top, and bottom. This helped with the other reason for the four stars. If you’re on some bumpy trails, you can hear it rattle a bit at the pivot point since there is some needed play, but it’s plastic on plastic. If you spend $5 on some weatherstrip to seal the box better, it eliminates that. Buy one great bang for the buck.

Subtle half-inch lip to stop water creeping in, and the keyed entry is a nice touch to stop your buddies from drinking your supplies. These ATV Rear Seat grab handles work correctly for a passenger, so they don’t have to hold onto you. The armrests are contour for a male with broader shoulders. Women and small children may have no fitment problem. Your passengers have no problem reaching the grab handles, and it’s still comfortable. The ATV rear rack seat is plush, and the backrest is the perfect height.

Product description

The Black Boar ATV Rear Storage/Lounger provides a comfortable cushioned seat on your vehicle’s back and doubles as additional storage. The large-capacity storage box is dust and water-resistant with a tongue and groove lid system and features over seven cubic feet of storage space. Its adjustable latches and stainless steel rust-resistant lock with included keys help prevent theft. The firm root molded polyethylene material is impact resistant. All mounting hardware is included and compatible with most tubular racks. The lounger is for use when the vehicle is not in motion.


  • Provides a cushioned seat and additional storage on your ATV.
  • Constructed of durable impact-resistant polyethylene material.
  • All mounting hardware included, compatible with most tubular racks.
  • Integrated rust-resistant stainless steel lock with keys and adjustable latches.
  • Over seven cubic feet of dust and water-resistant storage space.

ATV Rear Seat

ATV Rear Seat

ATV Rear Seat

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