Aurora Borealis Crystal

Aurora Borealis Crystal  

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Royal Aurora Borealis Crystal always committed to creating jewelry with love and passion. Using top ingredients like Swarovski Crystals and the following fashion.

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Such beautiful jewelry, I love the size of them it makes them look very elegant, and they were very comfortable to wear. I saw other people say that the gems seem to fall out, and since this was a gift, I didn’t want that to happen. What I did was get a pair of pliers since I could see the connection could go much tighter, it worked perfectly. It didn’t even damage or scratch the silver since I didn’t have to force it too much, and it stayed where I told it to go, so I highly recommend people do that, and for those wondering yes, the gem still swings freely. No air bubbles in the masterpiece or anything, and they look different under every light. Unusual earrings, so happy with them, and the person who received them loved them as well — very tempted to buy some for me!


These elegant earrings feature Swarovski crystals size 16mm/ 0.62inches with excellent gloss, super fun, and right on-trend. Make you the focus of all the crowded.

About Royal Crystals

We are a team of self-taught jewelry makers with advanced design concepts, sensitive to jewelry, meaning, and emotions of the receiver.

Our Motto: “Customer is the most important.” We provide a first-class level of service. Our goal is creating unusual and impression making jewelry only for you.

Quality You Can Count On: These sparkly iridescent 925 sterling silver earrings made with 16mm/0.62 inches. Crystals from Swarovski (Swarovski Elements) and sterling silver 925 Length: 29mm//1.14 inches

Adds Shine, Beauty, and Luxurious Look: The back of the blue aurora borealis earrings has got ab coating. That gives the earrings the incredible rainbow of colors. The earrings are more clear blue on a white background and receive more blue reflections when putting on a dark background. The size of the adorned with Swarovski crystals earrings is medium what makes them perfect earrings for teen girls and women of all ages.

About the products

  • Suitable for all Pierced Ears: These hook earrings have sterling silver findings and are for pierced ears.
  • Ideal Gift Giving Idea: These blue aurora borealis earrings are suitable as a present for such occasion as Mother’s Day, Wedding, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary to give them to mother, daughter, granddaughter, grandmother, niece, wife, friend, girlfriend, bridesmaid gift. They are ideal as sterling silver earrings for girls and kids, as well.
  • These adorned with Swarovski Crystals earrings are not Swarovski earrings (product). Crystals from Swarovski use to craft the sparkly Royal Crystal earrings.

Aurora Borealis Crystal

Aurora Borealis Crystal, from amazon

Aurora Borealis Crystal

Aurora Borealis Crystal, from amazon

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