Bathtub Stopper

Bathtub Stopper

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I love this product! The drain in my bathtub was never that good, so even when closed, it would still leak a little bit of water slowly, eventually ending up in a nearly empty tub. I decided to try this out, and I have to say the bathtub stopper works so great! It’s simple to put in place, and it stays in place the entire time. Best of all, absolutely, no water gets through it! It even has the added benefit of covering my somewhat annoying drain cover that only sits loosely in the drain and would frequently slip out during baths (or get pushed upside-down when the faucet is run over it to fill the tub).

I don’t even feel that it’s there; its surface is so smooth.

Product Description

The bathtub stopper keeps water in the tub during bath-time. Soft, flexible silicone makes it safe for little fingers, and a suction cup secures the bathtub stopper to the tub floor with a water-tight seal, keeping water (and toys) from escaping down the drain. When the bathtub stopper is not in use, the suction cup is convenient for storing the stopper on the wall.


  • Seals drain to fill the tub with water.
  • Suction cup secures Stopper to tub floor.
  • The suction cup can be used to store a stopper when not in use.
  • BPA free.
  • Phthalate and PVC free.

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Bathtub Stopper

Bathtub Stopper

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