Beaded Curtains

Best Beaded Curtains In 2021!

If you are searching for beaded curtains, then we are sure you definitely love these string curtains. You will use two panels in each 30-inch whole window and two on your closet door with a sheer curtain in behind them. You can also add some Christmas beaded garlands to the closet set. These hanging bead curtains really help tie all the different colors together. It looks best at night when you have multi-colored LED lights on.

These beaded curtains are fabulous and affordable. You can use them around your bed, and they turned out glamorous and amazing beyond words. You really cannot give them justice until you hang them & put them up. When you hang them up and see them hanging and the strings separated, they glisten off the lights in the room beautifully. Those look like a beautiful rainfall on that side, and it is worth seeing. Make your bedroom looks truly high-end, fancy, and regal.

If you buy these beaded strings for your office door, it looks charming and gives you softy privacy and security without closing you off to the rest of the office. This string bead door curtain gives lovely to have somewhat of a barrier, so no one can just barge into your office unexpectedly. These doorway beads are perfect as they also allow air to pass through, so it does not block the wind from coming in.

Overall, we hope you will be pleased with these string beaded curtains that keep the flies out of our sitting room. There are so many good points about this product. The curtains are strands of glitzy, perfect fabric, which looks prettier than the more substantial, plastic-type.  They are so lightweight, and they are easy to hang.

Door String Curtain Beads

beaded curtains

Material: String.

Top Finish: Rod.

Brand: Eve Split.

Color: White.


Material: Polyester Size: 190-200cm high, 100cm wide.

  • If you want to look more concentrated, please order two pcs or more.
  • It can be used for door windows, walls, parties, weddings, cafe shops, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. decoration.

Simple Hanging: this curtain is effortless Hanging; it can use any standard curtain rod to hang.

Note: Part of the product length has a 0-10cm error. (About 190m-200cm high)If you have this situation, please cut it out by yourself.

Glitter String Curtains

Beaded Curtains

Material: Polyester.

Package: Two panels included.

Size: 39×79 Inches.

Top Finish: Rod.

Color: Blue.

Fabric Type: 100% Polyester.


It is made of 100% polyester with glistening silver ribbon for a sparkling effect, delicate, gorgeous, and fabulous charm.

It will look thicker with two (or more) of the string curtains hung together, so you can order 2pcs or more if you want more thickness.

If the curtain is too long, you can easily cut it to the required size. Easy to hang with any standard curtain rod (Curtain rod not included).

It has proper ventilation around the house, so you can sit in your conservatory with the doors open on hot days, and hardly flies come in.

Great accessory for atmosphere and ideal decoration for doors, wedding, coffee house, living room, bedroom, windows, doorways, closet, patio doors, party, restaurant, etc.

Crystal Beaded Curtain

Beaded Curtains

Material: Polyester.

Size: One Pack.

Top Finish: Rod.

Fabric Type: 100% Polyester.


HOME DECORATION: The best curtain, beautiful curtain can be used as a door curtain, wall curtain, lets air circulate, and make the breath more fresh and healthy [Bead curtain contain 90 Beads]

GLITTER STRING CURTAIN: String curtain panels have a silver lurex foil or beads, and each string giving them the stunning glitter effect.

DOOR STRING CURTAIN: Plain String Curtain Panel (Approximately 90cm Wide x 200cm Long) or (39.4″ x 78.7″), the width and height can be cut by yourself, easy to hang. Tips: If it does get a little tangled up, turn it on a pole before trying to separate them, and then untie the string, it will flow beautifully!

SIMPLE HANGING: This curtain is effortless Hanging; it can use any standard curtain rod to hang

PERFECT DECORATION: Door string curtain for your windows, wall, living room, bedroom, doorway, patio, closet, kitchen, office, balcony, wall, bookcase, den, desk laundry room door, or window decorative; Make your room more charming. These are not a toy and not suitable for children to play with or walk through unsupervised.

Door String Curtain

Beaded Curtains

Product description:

Color: Light Purple.

Material: Polyester.

Size: 190-200cm high, 100cm wide.

  • If you want to look more concentrated, please order two pcs or more.
  • Sequins part let it look more romantic.
  • It can be used for door, window, wall, Christmas, photo booth, party, wedding, cafe shop, living room, bedroom, etc. decoration.

Note: Part of the product length has a 0-10cm error. (About 190cm-200cm high) If you have this situation, please cut it out by yourself.

Seven Color Colorful Door String

Beaded Curtains

Product description:

Material: polyester.

Size: 100cm x 195cm (39.3inch x 76.7icn)

  • Some reviews said this curtain too thin to expect. We suggest ordering two or more to see dense.
  • For Room, Wedding Classic, Coffee House, Restaurant, Hospital Door, and Window Decorative.

Warning: Curtain had passed CE Safety certification.

Safety instructions: Not suitable for children under ten years, for use under adult supervision. To prevent possible injury by entanglement, do not let the child try to bind it is on the hands or neck, or knees. Suggest remove or hang this curtain when the child starts playing.

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