Bed Chair Pillow

Best Bed Chair Pillow In 2021!

You may feel very pleasantly surprised and pleased with this bed chair pillow. If you like to work in bed using a laptop desk, but your bed has no headboard. There is nothing to lean back on. We tried cheaper pillows of this type that you can get at the local super-mart. They always such a disappointment – cheaply made, seams that came apart, filling that had no support. Fabrics that slid around, making the whole thing pointless.

This bed chair pillow arrived rolled and compressed but like anyone who’s ever ordered a memory foam mattress. He/She knows its need to let it free and leave it alone for a bit.

When you use a chair pillow for bed, your body heat affects the foam’s shape, and it makes it conform to your body (which makes me think of a memory pillow). The arm construction is better than many pillows on the market. They attach separately and feel tighter toward the body instead of being comprehensive. Also, making the cushion a dumpling shape that rolls over. The velour fabric is beautiful. You like the color, and the pile is soft. It’s also long enough that the pillow chair for bed doesn’t slide when you lean back against it (hooray!). The seams are all double-stitched, which gives you hope that they’ll last.


  • Standard size is great for children and teens, perfect for gaming, reading, relaxing, watching TV, and working on laptops. The filling is 100% Polyurethane Foam.
  • They are filled with a CertiPUR-US certified shredded memory foam blend that can mold personalized and lasting comfort; 3-year warranty.
  • The soft and durable velour cover is available in navy and stone colors that work well in any room; spot cleans only.
  • Superior back and shoulder support great for recovery from surgery and other injuries; comfortable fabric carries handle.
  • Arrives compressed and rolled in a box; shake and fluff allow up to 48 hours for full expansion.

Prop yourself up and settle in for a good book or favorite movie. The Reading Pillow is filled with shredded foam for just the right amount of moldable comfort and support as you relax. Use it in bed to properly support your back. This bed chair pillow has a plush velour cover, cozy armrests, and a convenient carry handle on top. Chair pillow is available in standard and extra-large sizes in neutral navy and stone colors. The extra-large size is also available with a removable neck support option. That can be used to enhance comfort around your neck or prop your legs up to increase circulation.  Choose the perfect pillow to customize your support.

But how does it work?

Pretty darned good! We mean, it is a bed pillow chair, so there’s a certain amount of squish to it, but you can sit up enough to type and work comfortably. If you find yourself lounging a bit too much, it’s easy to sit up and pull the pillow back toward you from the bottom, and it finds its shape. The handles on top as you use it to shake out the pillow before every use.

We put a squishy bed pillow directly behind and slightly under the back of it to add a little more resistance, but we were very surprised by just how supportive it is. Hands down the best one if you’ve ever tried, and you will be glad you spent a bit more to get the right thing.

Bed Chair Pillow

Bed Chair Pillow

Bed Chair Pillow

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