Top 10 bamboo steamer 2022

1. Thodd&Go Bamboo Steamer Basket-Stainless Steel Bamboo Steamer Set 10 Inch 2 Tier for Cooking Bao Buns Dim Sum Dumplings Vegetables and Fish. Included Steamer Adapter Ring and 4 Reusable Silicone Pads

  • ✅Bamboo Steamer 10 Inch … Our high quality steaming bamboo basket design is handcrafted from natural, organic bamboo and reinforced with anti-warping stainless steel bands. The eco-friendly and nontoxic dumpling steamer basket is lightweight and perfect for steaming meat and vegetables in your kitchen.
  • ✔️ Steamer Adapter Ring … An 11” adapter ring is included to eliminate scratching your pots or placing your bamboo steaming basket into boiling water. Fits any 7”-11” pot to send all steam directly into steamer bamboo basket for ultimate steaming benefits.
  • ✔️ Bamboo Steamer Liner … Our steamer liners are made of food-grade silicone instead of paper, so when you’re done steam cooking just wash them off and use again. The small hole design allows the steam to cook all the food equally.
  • ✔️ 2 Tier Steam Basket Bamboo … The 2 tier design of this chinese steamer bamboo basket allows for different foods to be prepared simultaneously. It’s a quick and healthy method of cooking to preserve the nutrients and flavors of the food.
  • ✅ Package Includes … 2 layer 10 Inches bamboo steamer baskets, 11” steamer adapter ring, 4 reusable silicone liners and user guide. Bamboo steamers packaged in a giftable box, ready to give as a healthy gift. 30-days return guarantee if you are not satisfied.

2. BirdRock Home 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer for Cooking Vegetables and Dumplings – Classic Traditional 2 Tier Design – Healthy Food Prep – Great for Dim Sum, Chicken, Fish, Veggies – Steam Basket – Natural

  • PREPARE TRADITIONAL ASIAN FOOD: easily prepare traditional Asian food without any extra kitchen cookware. Great for steaming dim sum, dumplings, vegetables, rice, beef, chicken, fish etc.
  • HEALTHY COOKING: steaming allows your food to retain more of their nutrients making them taste better and better for you. Also helps you to avoid the fats found olive, vegetable or canola oils
  • FITS MOST KITCHEN POTS: steamer is very versatile allowing you to use pots, woks and pans you already have in your kitchen
  • 100% BAMBOO: steamer basket is designed using 100% bamboo giving you a natural option to cooking
  • INCLUDES 2 TEIRS: designed with 2 tiers letting you cook the meat separate from the vegetables and rice. Cooking Dimensions: Each Tier Offers 10″ Diameter x 2.4″ Depth; Interior Diameter: 9.25″

3. Bisou du Nord 10” Bamboo Steamer Basket Cooking Set – 2 Layers | with Steamer Ring Adapter & 50pcs Dumpling Steamer Paper Liners

  • ❤️ ALL-IN-ONE: Packaged in a gift box, this Bamboo Steamer is 10 inch in diameter, and comes with a stainless steel Adapter Ring (fits 7” to 10.5” cooking pots) plus 50 pieces of single-use non-stick Paper Liner. Perfect for dumplings, baos buns, dim sum and much more.
  • ❤️ DURABLE DESIGN: The handcrafted, tightly woven natural bamboo is reinforced with anti-warping stainless steel rims. It’s lightweight design is perfect for your kitchen.
  • ❤️ HEALTHY COOKING: Steaming is an oil-free and healthy method of cooking. Your cuisine will retain all the natural nutrients and flavors. The bamboo material traps heat while absorbing condensation and prevents water from dripping onto your food.
  • ❤️ EASY TO USE: Just follow the How-To instructions inside the box. With 2 layers, this steamer can cook different meals simultaneously. Also, by leaving the lid in place, you can even keep your cooked food warm for up to 20 min.
  • ❤️ EASY TO CLEAN: Bamboo and stainless steel material is easy to hand wash. When steaming with the Paper Liners, cleaning is a breeze. Comes with easy-to-follow care instructions.

4. Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket -Food Steamer for Cooking – Use as Dumpling Maker, Vegetable Steamer or Japanese Rice Cooker – Two Tiered 10″ Steamer Basket

  • 🌿 DELUXE QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP – Unlike most bamboo steamer the Noble Nest Bamboo Steamer Basket is made of a blend of wood, bamboo and stainless steel making it sturdier and longer lasting than most bamboo steamers. This type of wood has a subtle aromatic smell that can provide a beautiful hint of flavor when it steams food. The stainless steel protects the basket from the moisture and heat from the steam
  • 🌿 ADDED VALUE ACCESSORIES – Included with your dumpling steamer is a 10″ two-tiered basket with lid, a pair of reusable chopsticks, 2 reusable silicone liners, 2 ceramic sauce dishes and a pair of tongs. This premium set makes a great gift idea for a cooking enthusiast!
  • 🌿 HEALTHY AND EASY TO USE – Cooking with a bamboo steamer is an easy and healthy way to cook many of your favorite asian foods. Steaming your food helps it retain all the healthy nutrients that are good for you. Additionally, it keeps the shape, flavor and texture of your food. Each tier is properly vented with wooden slats to allow steam to pass through it to the next tier.
  • 🌿 2 TIER SPACIOUS DESIGN – The generous 10-inch diameter of this steamer provides plenty of surface area on which you can cook multiple foods. Place several dumplings on one tier and cook vegetables in another tier. Each level provides 10 inches of bamboo slats and cooking space. This space can even accommodate larger foods like whole cuts of fish or foods that tend to take up a lot of room like bok choy. Fits most kitchen pots.
  • 🌿 FOOD STEAMER CARE INSTRUCTIONS – To clean your bamboo steamer, wash with a sponge and dish soap, and immediately rinse thoroughly. Let the steamer basket for pot air dry for at least 2 days before storing. Do not put your bamboo steamer in the dishwasher. Do not soak it in water in the sink for more than 5 minutes. Do not microwave or put in oven.

5. Home Flamingo Natural 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket, dumpling steamer bamboo, Chinese steamer bamboo, Vegetables, Fish, and Dumpling Steamer, Stainless Steel Bands, Includes Chopsticks and Liners

  • ✅TRADITIONAL BAMBOO STEAMER BASKET – A far better way to create healthy meals over frying, poaching, or boiling these easy-to-use natural bamboo steamers help cook food while retaining natural vitamins and minerals as well as food taste and quality.
  • ✅VERSATILE KITCHEN COOKING ACCESSORY – More than just a bamboo vegetable steamer these 2-tier baskets can be used for steaming all kinds of fresh, healthy food options such as fish, meat, dim sum, buns, Bao, and other tasty options.
  • ✅PREMIUM STAINLESS-STEEL BANDS – We added steel rims to our dumpling steamers to further increase their strength, resilience, and reusability. They also help with retaining moisture and improving overall steaming efficiency.
  • ✅ COMPLIMENTARY COOKING ACCESSORIES – Every classic Chinese food steamer basket also comes with 20 disposable non-stick bamboo steamer basket liners and a pair of reusable chopsticks to help you expand your recipe book and create exciting meals.
  • ✅ EASY TO SETUP, CLEAN, AND REUSE – Our two-tier bamboo steamer lets you cook up your favorite recipes on the kitchen counter with ease. When you’re done, simply wipe down the surface with a hot water and vinegar mix to remove odors.

6. Bamboo Bimbi Chinese Steamer Basket – Traditional 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket for Cooking Healthy Food in 2 Tiers Simultaneously – Bun, Dim Sum and Dumpling Steamer with Chopsticks, Tong and Liners

  • PRESERVE NUTIRENTS of your meal by steaming food in Bamboo Bimbi’s organic bamboo steamer 10 inch size. Natural and century old design of momo steamer prevents direct contact of food with water, preserving healthy water-soluble vitamins and crucial nutrients in your meals
  • LET’S BUILD WELLNESS rather than treating diseases. That’s why we have hand crafted our bamboo steamers 10 inch of diameter with organic bamboo wood that won’t leach toxic materials into food. Keeping meals healthy and its original flavor intact during cooking
  • IMPROVED DESIGN WITH BONUS ACCESSORIES includes 2 pairs of wooden chopsticks, 20 paper steamer liners, 2 reusable silicone liners and 1 bamboo kitchen tong. Bamboo Bimbi’s 10 inches bamboo steamer also comes with extra depth ( 1.7 inch/4.3 cm ) and steam efficient design for cooking
  • BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH TO GO FROM KITCHEN TO TABLE. Featuring a Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly bamboo steamer basket 10 inch of space with a classic finish that’s functional in kitchen and pretty enough for serving directly on the table resulting in less slog while doing the dishes after a delicious meal
  • LITTLE CARE GOES A LONG WAY. It is always advised to line your food while steaming rice, noodle roll, fish, seafood, broccoli or any other meals in bamboo steamers. Pre-cut, BPA-free liners are already included while banana or cabbage leaves can also be used for flavor ( Must be washed in sink only )

7. VallenEnix Bamboo Steamer Basket – 10-inch, 2-Tier, Stainless Steel Adapter Ring, 4 Silicone Liners. Natural Basket Steam, Cook Asian Food, Dim Sum, Chinese Dumplings, Bao Bun, Vegetables & Rice

  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY DESIGN AND MATERIAL! Our premium bamboo steamer basket is made of 100% organic and eco-friendly bamboo! The BPA free bamboo construction ensures no harsh chemicals will be getting into your food while steaming! The large spacious design allows you to cook full meals!
  • ✅ SAFEGUARD YOUR BAMBOO STEAMER! The 11″ stainless steel steamer adapter will provide you with a seamless cooking experience and lengthen the lifespan of your bamboo steamer! The adapter prevents your bamboo steamer from scorching and prevents placing your bamboo steamer into boiling water. 
  • ✅ REUSABLE SILICONE LINERS! 4 non-sticky, food-grade, reusable silicone liners is perfect for steaming vegetables, soup dumplings and pork dumplings. Silicone liners are much more convenient than paper and cotton steamer liners! Paper liners are one time use and cotton liners are very difficult to clean.
  • ✅EFFECTIVE STEAMING MECHANISM! The dome shaped lid is made with an extra tight weave, which ensures the perfect cooking temperature to spread evenly throughout the baskets. By retaining your food’s natural shape, flavor, nutrients-content, steam cooking provides you with a vibrant and fit lifestyle!
  • ✅ LOOK NO FURTHER! The perfect addition to your kitchenware! With a professional design, the bamboo steamer is a great gift for ALL occasions! Protected by our manufacturers 30-day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

8. Bamboo Steamer 10 inch – Chinese Steaming Basket for Cooking Dumplings Meat Fish Vegetables Bao Bun and Rice – Dim Sum Steamer – Liners and Chopsticks

  • No more tasteless food – Whether you’re cooking dumplings with fish or dim sum or even meat with rice, our Chinese steamer bamboo set gently steams your food without removing the goodness and the taste. Adding moisture to your food using the bamboo steamer basket over a wok or pan of gently steaming water.
  • Cookware that is clean and natural and looks amazing – With our bamboo steamer set, it is the only material used meaning they are great looking so can be used for table service to present the food you have cooked and steamed. Present your dim sum or rice on the top layer and your protein or similar below on the bamboo steamer basket.
  • Easy to use – Simply place the steamer basket bamboo in a wok or a wok ring or a pan of boiling water and the bamboo steamer pot will heat most types of food; easy to clean with warm water; Eco-friendly consisting 100% bamboo wood – unlike other steamers no wire used. Add vine leaves and vegetables whilst cooking to add that splash of color.
  • Everything you need – Bamboo steamer liner with chopsticks are included with our bamboo rice steamer – All that you need to experience the wonderful taste of steamed food beautifully finished in our. Be the host or hostess with the mostess and use our bamboo steamer for cooking.
  • Household Base promise – From us to you, our lifetime promise means that you will never have to worry about buying another Chinese Bamboo Steamer again. Create amazing food, wonderful memories and share with your friends knowing that if there are any problems with our bamboo steamers we” send you another free of charge.

9. Joyce Chen Steamer, Bamboo, Tan

  • 2-tier bamboo steamer; designed by famous restaurateur Joyce Chen
  • 2 stackable baskets made of woven bamboo; domed lid traps moisture
  • Designed for use inside a wok or over a stockpot; ideal for dim sum
  • Leverages steam cooking to produce healthy foods; avoids fats and grease
  • Measures 10 inches in diameter; gift-boxed; hand wash with water

10. Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket 10 inch, Dumpling Maker, Vegetable Steamer, 2 Tier Food Steamer Includes 2 Sets of Chopsticks, 1 Sauce Dish & 50 Liners – Multi-use Steamer Basket

  • STEAMER BASKET + ACCESSORIES: Our Prime Home Direct Bamboo steamer basket is made of 100% organic bamboo. This food steamer includes a 10” steamer basket, two chopstick sets, 1 ceramic sauce dish and 50 reusable paper liners. It is non-sticky and perfect to steam vegetables, meat and fish or it can even be used as a dumpling steamer, japanese rice cooker for sushi or dim sum. Great gift idea for a foodie or cooking enthusiast! This food steamer is a must have kitchen essential.
  • MULTI-USE 2-TIER DESIGN: This dumpling maker allows more cooking options than traditional steamers. You can cook or reheat 2 servings simultaneously. Two stackable layers fitting on top of each other, each level allows a cooking space of 10” diameter with 3” depth. The bamboo steamer 10 inch fits most pots. Save time and space with this steamer basket. Use it as vegetable steamer and rice steamer at the same time vegetable steamer.
  • EFFECTIVE STEAMING MECHANISM: Our steamer baskets have water resistant walls plus the dome-shaped lids of the food steamer don’t allow condensation water to accumulate. The firm design allows transportation of heat to all places equally resulting in 100% even-cooked food. This lightweight design is a better option than any other bulky steamer pot.
  • A HEALTHIER COOKING METHOD: Cooking food with a bamboo steamers is a lot better than frying or grilling food. Our dumpling maker prevents dripping of water from the lid by absorbing excess moisture. This process maintains natural shape, flavor, nutrients-content to its original levels. It is the best cooking method for a healthy diet.
  • HOW TO USE AND CARE FOR YOUR STEAMER: Our Steamer Basket includes complimentary chopsticks pair and wax paper liner for protection. Hand wash with soap and warm water and leave the steam cooker to air dry completely. Do not place in microwave, dishwasher or oven. To use your vegetable steamer, simply fill a frying pan or wok pan with 2-3 inches of water and let it simmer. Add food to each tier, add the lid, and place your bamboo steamer on the frying pan until the food is cooked to your liking.


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