Top 10 belay glasses 2022

1. EPIC PEAK Light Weight Climbing Pro Belaying Glasses Goggles with Decal, Strap, and Case

  • Light Weight
  • Upgraded design
  • Comes with case
  • Pro quality
  • High quality optical prism

2. YY Vertical Belay Glasses Plasfun Evo (Black)

  • Light, comfortable belay glasses with a sporty look
  • Large vision prisms for improved viewing comfort
  • Two fields of vision for belaying and be aware of the surroundings
  • Rigid glasses case with carabiner included
  • Compatible with eyeglasses and sunglasses

3. Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing | Comfortable and Sturdy | Black

  • COMFORTABLE | Comfortable belay glasses for rock climbing with perfect vision on the climber and surroundings while belaying
  • STURDY | Only high-quality materials (zero defect BK7 prisms) are used and a strict quality control is applied.
  • PRACTICAL | Easy to use, hardcase with carabiner, neck strap, microfiber glasses cloth and spare screws included
  • TECHNICAL | The prisms are designed to have a perfect alignment. The BG belay glasses also have the perfect angle (60°) to belay your partner.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH GLASSES | Compatible with eyeglasses and sunglasses

4. YY Vertical Plasfun First Climbing Belay Glasses

  • DESIGNED BY BELAY GLASSES SPECIALIST | Created for indoor climbers, beginners, and hobbyists, the Plasfun First provide the essentials without compromising quality, comfort, or visibility.
  • USEFUL ACCESSORIES | Includes simplified solid suitcase, glasses cord and cleaning cloth.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL CLIMBERS | It suitables with spectacles wearers.
  • COMFORTABLE VISION | Good visibility of the climber, Important peripheral vision on the sides of the prisms
  • SIMPLICIY & EFFECTIVENESS | These sober-looking glasses effectively protect your necks during belaying

5. Y&Y Plasfun belay glasses (Black)

  • High prism quality (BK7) for a clear and comfortable vision
  • Flexible and resistant plastic bows ensure a high wearing comfort and a long life span
  • Fit over most prescription and sun glasses
  • The thin frame enables two fields of vision: climber/surrounding
  • Available in 5 different colors

6. YY Vertical Clip UP Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing for Spectacle wearers

  • The Clip Up is specially designed for for spectacle wearers
  • It can be clipped on most eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • The wide-angle trapezoid shaped BK7 prisms guarantee a clear and broad field of vision on the climber as well as on the surroundings.
  • The flip up mechanism enables to switch between the On and Off positions depending on the belaying stages.

7. Belay Optics The Only Fully Adjustable Clip On Belay Glasses

  • COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE – Avoid eye strain, nausea and headaches by fine tuning the prism placement for optimal vision clarity
  • AVOID BELAYERS NECK – helps ease neck pain from long belaying sessions
  • AVOID CHIPS & SCRATCHES – prisms are located in a protective durable plastic raised edge holder
  • BETTER FOCUS – easily focus on the climber above you while keeping track of your surroundings and slack in the rope

8. JINJULI New Outdoor Climbing Glasses Pro Belay Glasses Belaying Prism Glasses Goggles BK

  • Light Weight High Transparent K9 Prism Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing.
  • High-Transarent prisms offer a clear image and comfortable vision on the climber.
  • Prisms allow climber to view upwards without having to crane their neck backwards.
  • NO MORE NECK PAIN Make your climbing safer due.
  • With these glasses, climbers are able to see the road on the head while looking straight ahead.

9. YYVERTICAL | Classic Belay Glasses (Grey) | Sturdy and Comfortable Belay/Prism Glasses for Rock Climbing

  • LIGHT & STURDY | Stainless metal frame and glasses bows made of shape memory alloy. This combination makes the frame enormously flexible and durable.
  • COMFORT | Nose bridge and frame are adaptable to the individual face and head shape. Comfortable view with too fields of vision
  • HIGH QUALITY PRISMS | Zero defect prisms, each model is checked during a quality control
  • DESIGN | Designed in France by climbers for climbers
  • ACCESSORIES | These belay glasses come with a practical case with a double enclosure and carabiner, spare screws, a microfiber cloth and a cord

10. Metolius Upshot Belay Glasses – Purple

  • Field of vision aims higher on the wall than our original Belay Glasses.
  • Sport-style temples.
  • Low profile nose pads fit better when using with glasses or sunglasses.
  • Increased peripheral vision.
  • Includes lanyard, hard case, and lens cloth.


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