Top 10 crosscut sled 2022


  • If you own a miter gauge – any miter gauge
  • This sled is a sliding, miter-cutting platform that fully supports and controls your work piece throughout the cut
  • Miter gauges drag your board across the table, a sled slides the work piece giving more support and control creating better, more consistent cuts

2. Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled

  • Sled base and fence provide zero-clearance support—just run it through your saw to locate the kerf
  • Sled rides in miter track of your table saw—included miter slot stop limits forward travel of sled
  • Rear-mounted blade guard is adjustable to fit most table saws
  • Aluminum T-track on top edge of fence lets you add a flip stop (not included) for repeatable cuts
  • Short T-track parallel to blade accepts an optional T-track hold-down clamp (sold separately)

3. 18” Precision Steel Miter Bar Rail Runner with Adjustable Spring Loaded Plungers For DIY Table Saw Crosscut Sleds, Jigs and Fixtures to Slide in 3/4 inch by 3/8 inch Miter Slots

  • Build your next table saw sled, router table jig or band saw fixture to operate with a smooth sliding action using the Fulton 18 inch Precision Steel Miter Bar! Attach the steel bar to most any type of sled, jig or fixture that is to be used with a 3/4 inch (19mm) by 3/8 inch (9mm) miter slot. Using our steel bar versus plastic or aluminum gives your sled, jig or fixture more strength and stability and it won’t bend or warp.
  • When building sleds, jigs and fixtures one of the most important aspects is to achieve a smooth sliding action without side to side play. The Fulton Precision Steel Miter Bar does both with its solid steel bar and 4 adjustable spring loaded plungers. The plungers can be adjusted with the included hex key wrench for just the right fit.
  • Not only is the Fulton Steel Miter Bar adjustable, its easy to mount! You can mount the bar from the top of your sled, jig or fixture platform or base, or you can mount it from the bottom. There are three threaded holes along the length of the bar for mounting the bar using 1/4 inch by 20 tpi machine screws (not included). There are also three counter sunk holes on the bar to mount the bar using #8 wood screws (not included).
  • Once you mount the bars to your sled, jig or fixture you are sure to feel the difference. This is especially true when you first run the bars through your miter slots. The smooth sliding action is perfect for crosscut sleds, miter angle jigs, shop made coping sleds and a whole lot more! Using two bars (only one is included) for even more stability works exceptionally well.
  • The bar is approximately 18 inches long and will fit into miter t slots and u-shaped miter slots. Non-standard slots found on some job site style table saws and other small machinery will not accept this bar due to the non-standard slot dimensions. We recommend that you measure your miter slot before placing your order.

4. ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit

  • ZEROPLAY Miter Bar’s hassle-free miter bars using One-Touch Calibration.
  • ZEROPLAY Miter Bars will fit ANY standard (3/4” x 3/8”) T-Track miter slot that measures between 0. 73″ and 0. 79″ wide and at least 5/16″ deep.
  • Compatible miter tracks include but not exclusive to: SawStop, Bosch 4100, Delta Unisaw, Powermatic, Rigid, Dewalt, and General 350 Tracks.
  • 360 degrees of adjustability.
  • No slop, side-to-side play or seasonal warping.
  • Top-down installation for easy and fast mounting to jigs, fixtures and sleds.
  • Made in the USA. A true MICROJIG Innovation.

5. Tablesaw CrossCut Sled

  • Easy-to-read 1/2° graduations and a hair-line indicator ensure error-free setups
  • Extra material allows you to cut the sled down to fit your saw perfectly
  • Right edge of sled functions as a zero-clearance chip breaker
  • Includes four 2′ pieces of 3/4″ wide self-adhesive low-friction tape for smooth sliding of the platform and fence
  • Adjustable 90° stop

6. CrossCut Sled Drop-Off Platform

7. ZEROPLAY Miter Bars by MICROJIG (Double Pack)

  • Build Table Saw Sleds Fast
  • No Slop, Side-To-Side Play Or Seasonal Warping
  • Top-Down Installation For Easy And Fast Mounting To Jigs, Fixtures And Sleds
  • Zeroplay Miter Bars Will Fit Any Standard (3/4” X 3/8”) T-Track Miter Slot That Measures Between 0.73″ And 0.79″ Wide And At Least 5/16″ Deep

8. Rockler 996182 Table Saw Small Parts Sled

  • Aluminium with melamine-coated MDF
  • Includes table saw small parts sled, blade guard & mitre track stop
  • Required mitre slot dimensions 3/8”” x 3/4””
  • Model number: 996182

9. Fulton DIY Table Saw Crosscut Sled Kit with 2 UHMW Bars 2 Aluminum Tracks 1 Knob and 1 Bolt along with Full Color HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN Crosscut Sled Guide Booklet

  • If you own a table saw, you probably have come across a situation or two where you need to make smaller cuts or make cross cuts. You may also have had the need to make repetitive cuts of the same length. Making small cuts, cross cuts and repetitive length cuts is where table saw crosscut sleds excel. Crosscut sleds help stabilize the work piece and are very accurate since they are essentially calibrated to your saw during the sled building process.
  • Some time ago we noticed a lot of companies had UHMW bars available for purchase. While we as a woodworking company know exactly what they are used for, many novice or non-woodworkers do not. That’s when we decided to create this package with pre-cut UHMW bars, pre-cut aluminum track, a knob and bolt and an easy to understand how to guide booklet so you can create your very own, custom crosscut sled to fit your table saw!
  • UHMW bars are most commonly used as runners for crosscut sleds since they don’t produce as much friction as wood does. Another advantage is that UHMW won’t expand or contract like wood does during drastic weather changes. Each bar is approximately 3/4” x 3/8” which fits most standard table saw slots. UHMW bars are also slick and won’t leave any residue, dust or shavings behind like wooden bars tend to do.
  • The tracks that are included in this kit are made from solid extruded aluminum and are Made in the USA. Each track is cut to length for the perfect sub-fence on the crosscut sled. The included knob and bolt is for making a simple stop block which when finished, can slide the length of either track along the sub-fence. The stop block will allow you to make repetitive cuts without having to constantly move and measure the fence distance each time you make a cut.
  • We have also included a full color and detailed how to guide book to help you with the crosscut sled building process. Each kit comes with 2 each 19” long by 3/4” by 3/8” UHMW bars, 2 each 12” long mini tracks, 1 each knob, 1 each 1/4” by 20 tpi bolt and a how to build your own crosscut sled guide book. Make your crosscut sled to the size you want or need for your table saw and your specific cutting needs. Please Note, the bars do NOT FIT RYOBI table saw track slots.

10. Rockwell RW9266 BladeRunner X2 Cross Cut Sled

  • Ideal for precise cross cutting applications
  • Cutting groove for easy alignment
  • Room to place your hands safely during your cuts
  • Helps produce 90-degree cross cuts


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