Top 10 Best festool tools 2022

1. Festool 499749 Edge Banding Carbide Scraper

  • Use the Festool carbide scraper for breaking edges, smoothing curves and cleaning thin plastic edges
  • Solid carbide ensures greater durability and resistance to wear
  • Made in Germany

2. Festool 574689 Router OF 2200 Imperial

  • Dust extraction column: placed on the back and extends to the top of the Router and includes a swivel nozzle. Keep the power cord (also top mounted) and dust extraction hose out of your way
  • Intuitive Controls: clearly labeled with icons indicating purpose and adjustment direction. Work Smarter without having to locate the Manual to make less common adjustments
  • Magnetic spindle brake: faster and more reliable method of retarding spindle motion. The use of magnetic force to stop the spindle also prolongs the service life of the motor
  • System integration: designed for use with the FS guide rail system, mfs multi-routing templates, and a wide range of other accessory options
  • Precision depth adjustment: micro-adjustability dial allows routing with tremendous precision

3. Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set

  • Unique, patented cutting action that rotates and oscillates to create perfect, clean, and repeatable mortises every time
  • Mortise width adjustment with the turn of a dial allows for easier alignment when joining panels
  • Indexing pins for quick alignment against the edge of the work piece for accurate placement
  • Tenons up to approximately 5-1/2-Inch in length for large scale projects
  • Includes optional trim and cross stops for narrow stock and edge joining.Power Consumption:420 watts

4. Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set

  • NOTE: The DF 500 only come with the 5MM cutter which is installed.
  • Unique, patented cutting action that rotates and oscillates to create perfect, clean, and repeatable mortises every time.
  • Mortise width adjustment with the turn of a dial allows for easier alignment when joining panels.
  • Pivoting Fence allows you to create angled mortises from 0-90° with positive stops at 22.5°, 45°, 67.5°.
  • Indexing pins for quick alignment against the edge of the workpiece for accurate placement. Hose port diameter: 1.06 inch
  • Dust extractable design provides clean mortise holes for better glue adhesion and longer cutter life.
  • Precise Positioning – The Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set B004SETSXE comes with the following: Cross stop, Domino DF 500 7/32 (5mm) cutter, Open ended spanner WAF8, Trim stop in a systainer sys 2 T-Loc.
  • Routing Height Adjuster with Scale: 5-30 mm, Hose Port Diameter: 27 mm

5. Festool 202346 Connecting Sleeve, Multi-Colour

  • Used for 27 mm suction hose and for all power tools
  • The secure and slip-proof connection between mobile dust extractor and power tool
  • Extremely compact dimensions ensure ideal handling with the power tool
  • Can be detached just as quickly
  • Used for tasks from sawing to routing

6. Collins Tool Company Coping Foot for Festool Carvex

  • Turns your Festool Carvex into a simple and accurate coping machine without the need for jigs and templates
  • The Coping Foot is formed from 14 ga. plated steel. Youll wear out a couple of jig saws before you wear out your Coping Foot.
  • Fits the Festool Carvex line of Jigsaws

7. Festool 203430 Compact Cleaning Set in Systainer

  • 4 different attachments for different flooring
  • Crevice nozzle for dust extraction in places that are difficult to access
  • You receive the set in a practical Systainer 1 t-loc
  • The standard cleaning set includes basic Accessories

8. Festool 576913 Limited Edition Systainer Installer’s Set

  • INCLUDES: SYS-ToolBox TB-2, SYSTAINER SYS-StorageBox, SYSTAINER SYS-MFT, SYSTAINER T-LOC TL B, Container Set 60x60x71/6, Container Set 60x120x71/4, Container Set 180x120x71/2, Two Quick Clamps
  • Work efficiently: Boost Jobsite efficiency through organization and mobility. This set was designed with the installers needs in mind. Store, transport, organize, and protect those tools, parts, and pieces you rely on every day.
  • Work easier: Reduce Jobsite frustration by keeping small parts organized and easily accessible with the SYS- STORAGE, keep hand tools easily accessible with the SYS-TOOLBOX, and carry a portable support and work surface with the SYS-MFT.
  • Work faster: Easily connect and move everything at one time with the one-handed latching motion of T-LOC Systainers. Pack em, stack em and move em with ease!
  • Attractive offer with a strong assortment of highly-desirable Systainer-based solutions that cover a myriad of applications, especially for installers of fine woodworking

9. Festool 571935 Drywall Sander LHS-E 225 EQ PLANEX Easy

  • Simple set-up and intuitive Controls let you focus on results
  • Low weight and perfect balance reduce fatigue
  • Direct-drive EC Tec Brushless motor provides power to the surface without a flexible Cable for less Downtime with less weight
  • Flexible head design allows greater freedom-of-movement for easier sanding. Uses same Granat abrasives as the classic Planex Drywall Sander
  • Covered by festool-exclusive 3-year service all-inclusive warranty
  • Idle engine speed 400-920 RPM; Abrasive diameter: 8.9″ (225mm)

10. Festool 576028 Multi-Mode Sander RO 150 FEQ-Plus Sys 3

  • FastFix sanding pad system, tool-less
  • Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch-free surfaces
  • Sanding up to the edge thanks to the Festool Protector
  • Ideal ergonomic grip positions
  • ROTEX rotary motion for efficient material removal


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