Top 10 Best gopher poison 2022

1. Monterey LG 9250 Gopher Bait, Brown

  • For Pocket Gophers
  • Use Below Ground Only
  • Keep Your Gardens Safe
  • No Assembly Required

2. The Giant Destroyer (GAS KILLER) (12/4PK TOTAL) 48 kills Moles, Gophers, Woodchucks, Norway Rats, Skunks, Ground Squirrels in their Holes, Tunnels, Burrows. NO dealing w/ dead pest, better than traps

  • Effective Rodent killer: Quickly kills moles, gophers, woodchucks, Norway rats, skunks, and ground squirrels.
  • The Effective Gasser: It produces smoke bombs and gas when dropped into burrows that kills rodents immediately.
  • Powerful “S” Formula: The largest and most powerful gasser on the market.
  • Easy and safe to use: For outdoor use only, including residential lawns, parks, gold courses, re-forest areas and open field.
  • Made in USA: From natural organic substances and contains no poisons for good earth compatible pest control that is biodegradable.

3. Victor M9013 Gopher 2 Traps, Black

  • Pincher-style gopher trap
  • Designed to be placed in the tunnel or down the mound opening
  • All steel construction for superior strength and durability
  • Powder coated for weather resistance
  • Moving parts are kept completely below ground for safety

4. Rugged Ranch 100504756 Gopher Bait Applicator 4lb Capacity, 4 lb

  • Rugged Ranch Gopher Bait Applicator 4Lb Capacity Industrial Strength Poison Applicator
  • It Holds Up To Four Pounds Of Poison And The Newly Designed Flip Top Make Loading Mess And Hassle Free
  • Great For Home Or Commercial Use
  • No Assembly Required

5. Sweeney’s Woodstream M6006 Poison Peanuts Mole & Gopher Bait, 6-oz. – Quantity 12

6. Yard Butler IGBA-1 Gopher/Mole Bait Applicator

7. Prozap Mole and Gopher Pelleted Bait 1 pound

  • Kills moles and gophers right where they live-direct baiting to
  • Fast acting; works within hours
  • Measuring scoop included for easy application
  • Acute toxicant
  • Zinc phosphide

8. Lewis Lifetime Tools GBA-1 37 in. Gopher Bait Applicator

9. Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 4 Lb

  • 4 lb. Rodent bait
  • Kills in just 4-6 days
  • For agricultural/rural use Only
  • Mold and moisture resistant

10. GopherHawk® Single Trap for Gophers and Moles, 1 GH-TRP

  • Does not include the Wedge & Probe tool.
  • Purchase Trapping Set first before purchasing Single Traps.


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