Top 10 Best ground cinnamon 2022

1. HQOExpress | Organic Ground Cinnamon | 17 oz. Chef Jar

  • GROUND CINNAMON POWDER: Sweet, spicy and sharp, with earthy aromatics, our all-natural cinnamon comes from the inner bark of a cinnamon tree, rolled into quills – or cinnamon sticks – and hung to dry
  • SWEET & AROMATIC: From baking delicious breads and cookies to spicing your pumpkin pie or morning coffee, cinnamon powder is a nutritious spice that adds distinctive flavor and fragrance to any dish
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: This 100% organic ground cinnamon powder is USDA Certified, and is grown and processed without herbicides and pesticides for the highest level of safety and quality
  • SUSTAINABLY FARMED: Our cinnamon sticks are sustainably grown in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Vietnam, and the kosher, gluten free non-GMO ground cinnamon spice has full traceability from earth to table
  • FLAVOR CONSCIOUSLY: HQOExpress is North America’s largest supplier of USDA Organic and Non-GMO herbs and spices; we have ensured fair wages for our growers and high quality ingredients for our customers since 1977

2. Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (1LB) | 100% CERTIFIED Organic | Freshly Ground Premium Sri Lanka Cinnamon For Exquisite Flavor and Aroma | Gluten Free & Non-GMO | Controlled and Packed in USA Food Facility

  • CEYLON CINNAMON POWDER- This cinnamon powder is from Sri Lanka and is Cinnamomum Verum, also known as True Cinnamon; Most everyday cinnamon people consume and purchase is in fact Cinnamomum Cassia, which is also called Chinese cinnamon; While both are of the same genus, they have wildly different characteristics, tastes, and even chemical makeup; If you’ve never had it, True Cinnamon will change the way you cook!
  • HEALTHIER CINNAMON- Real cinnamon has less coumarin, which has been linked to issues with the kidney; While Chinese Cinnamon can have upwards of 8% coumarin, authentic Ceylon Cinnamon has less than .04%, meaning hundreds of times less coumarin, making it safe for daily consumption; Ceylon cinnamon offers all of the wonderful health benefits you’ve heard about cinnamon, without any of the drawbacks of high coumarin levels
  • REAL CINNAMON- Most cinnamon consumed in the United States is actually Cassia; When you try this cinnamon you will notice it is sweet, mellow, and totally unlike cinnamons of yore; It is commonly called Mexican Cinnamon since Mexico uses this kind almost exclusively, and it has a unique flavor profile that provides extra spice and sweetness while maintaining a mellow and agreeable overall taste; Real cinnamon is harder to harvest due to thinner bark, but is worth the extra effort, as your tasteb
  • CERTIFIED 100% ORGANIC- This product has been certified organic by the Department of Agriculture; This is especially important in cinnamon as many producers use methods such as sulphur washes to cleanse the bark of impurities; Committing to non-GMO, non-chemically altered cinnamon is time consuming and costly, but we think it’s worth it; This cinnamon is tracked with lot numbers for each batch, and has been followed from grow site to our hand packaging in Cleveland, OH so you can rest assured it
  • ✅LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of our Ceylon Cinnamon Powder for any reason, just email us and we will issue 100% refund your order (in full), no questions asked!

3. Kirkland Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon -10.7 oz

  • 10.7 oz plastic shaker bottle
  • ORGANIC Saigon Cinnamon. Certified by QAI!

4. Watkins Gourmet Spice Tin, Pure Ground Cinnamon, 6 oz. Tin, 1-Count

  • Premium-grade, top-quality pure ground cinnamon
  • High essential oil content
  • All Natural
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher
  • Crafted in the USA

5. McCormick Culinary Ground Cinnamon, 18 oz – One 18 Ounce Container of Pure Ground Cinnamon Powder Perfect for Professional Use and Baking Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Custards, and Puddings

  • Restaurant Quality: McCormick Culinary Ground Cinnamon is a culinary-grade, pure ground cinnamon perfect for back-of-house use in restaurants and bakeries; this finely ground cinnamon spice comes in 18-ounce containers, so you’ll always have plenty on hand
  • Robust Flavor: This ground cinnamon powder has a sweet and warm flavor and a beautiful, earthy color; as one of the oldest spices, cinnamon appears in both sweet and savory recipes from around the world
  • Natural Ingredients: McCormick Culinary Ground Cinnamon is carefully sourced from a controlled global supply chain to ensure you receive a spice that delivers consistent, pure flavor; for additional product safety, each plastic bottle includes a shrink wrap seal
  • Sourced for Chefs: Tailored to the needs of culinary professionals, McCormick Culinary Ground Cinnamon helps inspire menus and bring warmth to dishes all year round; this pure cinnamon contains no added sugar or MSG for balanced flavor your guests will appreciate
  • Menu Versatility: You can use McCormick Culinary Ground Cinnamon as your go-to cinnamon in a variety of recipes; chefs most commonly use this spice when baking cookies, cakes, custards, pies and puddings

6. McCormick Ground Cinnamon, 18 oz

  • Deep, sweet, warm flavor and rich mahogany color
  • Versatile spice for sweet and savory dishes
  • Aged up to 15 years for rich flavor
  • Premium quality for pure, superior flavor; Never made with added fillers
  • Non GMO

7. Simply Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon, Certified Organic, Vegan | 2.08 Ounce | Cinnamomum verum J. Presl

  • ORGANIC CEYLON CINNAMON – Nothing but pure, organic, ground Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum). No GMOs. No ETO (considered carcinogenic by the EPA). Non-irradiated. Certified Organic by QAI. Kosher Certified by KSA. So good, it was voted “BEST” Ceylon Cinnamon by Epicurious in 2018.
  • DELICIOUS AND VERSATILE – You want “true cinnamon”? This is it. You’ll know Ceylon by its complex yet nuanced flavor. Ours is spicy in the true sense — but, with its 1% to 1.6% oil content, the flavor is mild and delicate. Comfortingly warm, not hot. Fruity, almost apple-cinnamony, floral and nectar-like, but only lightly sweet. It’s that complex. Its aroma is equally distinctive, with hints of floral and citrus complementing the warm-spicy notes.
  • PURE AND POTENT FLAVOR – Simply Organic believes in pure and potent flavor grown at the source. Our rigorous standards mean that we know precisely what you’re getting, and from where. All of our products are grown and processed without the use of toxic pesticides, irradiation, or GMOs.
  • SOURCED FROM SRI LANKA – Simply Organic ceylon cinnamon is sourced from a long standing co-op partner in Sri Lanka, where we help select and develop the product. Close relationships with suppliers allow us to actively engage in sourcing and ensuring that production is environmentally friendly and yields high-quality ceylon cinnamon.
  • ABOUT US – Simply Organic is a 100% certified organic line of spices, seasoning mixes, and baking flavors. Our pure, potent spices, seasonings and extracts bring real bite to everything you make, eat and share. Our goal, through our Simply Organic Giving Fund, is to help the millions of food insecure by not only providing funds and support to make organic food more accessible, but also in developing the next generation of leaders in sustainable and socially just organic agriculture.

8. McCormick Ground Cinnamon, 7.12 oz

  • Deep, sweet, warm flavor and rich mahogany color
  • Great for baked goods, including cookies, muffins, pies and cinnamon rolls
  • Versatile spice for sweet and savory dishes
  • Aged up to 15 years for rich flavor
  • Premium quality for pure, superior flavor; never made with added fillers
  • Non GMO
  • Sprinkle over morning oatmeal, French toast or coffee

9. McCormick Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon, 10 oz

  • USDA Certified Organic; Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Easy-handle bottle for refilling jars; dual-lid (shaker and spoon sides)
  • Spicy, sweet and stronger taste than other popular cinnamon’s
  • Organic Saigon cinnamon is a tasty addition to lattes, mulled cider, hot chocolate and chai tea
  • From America’s #1 Herb and Spice Brand

10. True Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder 16 Oz – USDA & Kosher Certified , Gluten-Free & Non-GMO Cinnamon Ground , Pure Ceylon Premium Quality [ Bulk , 1 lb ]

  • True Organic Ceylon USDA Certified Cinnamon Powder ( Ground ) – 16 Oz Paper Craft Bag .
  • Pure Ceylon Premium Quality – This bag contains USDA certified organic, 100% raw Natural Cinnamon Powder ( Ground ) from Sri Lanka / Ceylon .
  • Healthy & Delicious – Our True Organic Cinnamon Powder ( Ground ) flavor that is great for baked goods, cooking or added as a spice to hot beverages.
  • Certified USDA Organic – All our products are certified USDA Organic and KOSHER . Look for the USDA Organic and KOSHER seal on our products!
  • Just scroll up, click the Buy Button now to grab your FAIRTRADE and FSSC 22000 certified True Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder ( Ground ) .


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