Top 10 Best halva nyc 2022

1. Wellbee’s Honey Halva – Paleo & SCD Approved – No Additives, Refined-Sugar, or Artificial Sweeteners – 75g Each – 3 Pack (Almond – Organic)…

  • MOST AUTHENTIC, BEST TASTING HALVA, Made using a traditional Greek method, resulting in the most genuine tasting halva with the perfect delicate texture and melt-in-mouth creaminess.
  • JUST 2-3 INGREDIENTS, PURE & SIMPLE Halva from only 2-3 healthy ingredients- Organic Sesame & Organic Honey, ensuring that it’s good for your health and your taste buds too!
  • NO ADDITIVES, REFINED-SUGARS OR ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS The major breakthrough with Wellbee’s Halva is that it contains absolutely NO additives or artificial sweeteners whatsoever. There are no hidden ingredients and no fillers or binders. What you see in the ingredient list is what you get. Super clean, super healthy.
  • THE GO-TO HEALTHY TREAT FOR ALL AGES Got a craving for something sweet? Need a quick energy-booster? Something refreshing along with your coffee? Wellbee’s Halva makes a great snack for anytime, and is perfect for grab and go for school, work, on when on the go!
  • CERTIFIED PALEO by The Paleo Foundation, SCD Approved & Certified Kosher

2. Joyva Halvah Variety 12 Count 4 Vanilla 4 Chocolate 4 Marble=12CT

  • Joyva Halvah
  • Variety Pack 12 Count
  • 4 Vanilla, 4 Chocolate, 4 Marble=12 Count
  • 1.75oz each Bar

3. Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Shampoo, 1 L

  • 10 BENEFITS, 1 FORMULA: Moisturizes, reduces frizz, strengthens, softens, revitalizes, nourishes, reduces breakage, smooths, increases manageability, & creates a healthy look & feel.
  • NOURISH, SOFTEN, PROTECT: Argan oil feeds hair with essential fatty acids & vitamins, while plant protein hydrates for healthy-looking hair from scalp to ends. It reduces the appearance of breakage, making brittle hair feel silky smooth.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED FOR 2X STRONGER HAIR when used as a system with Eva NYC’s Mane Magic 10-in-1 Conditioner.
  • VEGAN CERTIFIED & 100% FREE OF: cruelty, GMO, sulfates, parabens, phalates, mineral oil, artificial color, silicone, & gluten.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Safe for color, keratin, & Brazilian treated hair.

4. Pat OBriens Bloody Mary Mix, 1 Liter

  • Enjoy a Pat O’Brien’s Bloody Mary anywhere!
  • Voted best Bloody Mary in New Orleans.
  • This is a one Liter bottle delivered straight from New Orleans to you!

5. Haddar by Baracke Premium Quality Pistachio Halva, 12.34oz | A Fine Sesame Seed Paste Dessert Made with Tahini, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher

  • RICH & DELICIOUS- Halva is a food that knows no bounds! Made from premium Ethiopian sesame seeds, this rich delicacy is amazing on its own as a decadent snack or full-flavored dessert that is melt in your mouth delicious.
  • EXOTIC- Add a touch of Mediterranean flair to enhance even the most basic snacks and desserts. This halva is the perfect topping to ice cream, yogurt, cereal, fruit salads, and more. You can even make a flavorsome granola mix or scrumptious snack bars.
  • A NEW WAY TO BAKE- From brownies featuring swirls of tahini to “chocolate and halva chip” cookies, you can add the nutty, sweet flavor of halva to your favorite treats. It works great in almost anything—cakes, tarts, muffins and even cheesecakes. Just crumble and add it to the batter.
  • ENERGIZING- The simple ingredients in halva make it a great choice if you are craving a sweet pick me up. Have a slice during those daily slumps for a sweet energy boost. The sesame base also provides a boost of vitamin B, protein, and calcium. A little goes a long way!
  • WASH IT DOWN- Want to wash down your halva with something? Consider pairing it with a strong coffee or tea. The extra robust, bitter flavor of several coffees and teas will offset the sweetness of the halva. The perfect combination for adventurous palates!

6. Emirelli Artisanal Halva Dessert – Authentic Middle Eastern Candy Turkish Sweets – Vegan Candy 55%-Tahini Halwa – Halvah Traditional International Sweets – Tasty Traditional Vanilla Flavor, Pack of 1

  • 🍰 DRIVE YOUR TASTE BUDS INSANE WITH ORIGINAL HALVA – Treat yourself with a unique, melt-in-your-mouth Middle Eastern staple, popular in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean. Named after the Arabic word for sweet – halwa, Emirelli Turkish halva is an utterly-indulgent sesame candy cake that brings back the sweetest childhood memories. A dense, semisweet, fluffy-fudge-like confection that’s deliciously addictive and makes the wildest sweet treats fantasies come true!
  • 🥜 55% TAHINI, THE HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF SESAME SEED PASTE – Most Turkish halva desserts are either too dry, too crumbly, or too sweet. For the love of toasted sesame seeds and halva sesame bars, our confectionery artists use the perfect concentration of tahini – 55 percent – the magic number behind slight, dream-like crumbliness that turns into a creamy texture on your palate to unleash the wonderful, TRUE halva flavor. No weird aftertaste, no chalkiness. Just a luscious, silky consistency!
  • 🍯 NATURALLY SCRUMPTIOUS, GLUTEN FREE, NO PALM OIL – A diet-friendly alternative to mass-produced calorie-dense sweets, marshmallows, peanut butter, candy canes, or lollipops – usually loaded with artificial flavors, fats, and preservatives. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Emirelli tahini organic vegan treat, 100% NON-GMO, and vegetarian. For a creamier, smoother texture, it’s homemade in small batches from high-quality ingredients like Turkish sesame seeds, with a great ratio of oil to fiber.
  • 🥞 FUN TO SCOOP, SLICE, SPRINKLE, SPREAD, TOAST – To preserve the tasty richness for longer, the Emirelli Halvah Fresh comes in a cute, clear container, with a handy airtight re-sealable lid. Convenient, durable, great looking for both display and takeaway. Now can enjoy halva anytime, anywhere, anyhow: by the spoonful, as sliced extra on a cheese board, spread on pancakes, waffles, baguettes, in baked cakes, brownies, bread, cookies, pastries, with tea or coffee for a mouth-watering snack!
  • 🍨 TRADITIONAL VANILLA FLAVOR – If you love the taste of vanilla syrup, vanilla powder, vanilla bean paste, vanilla bean dip, vanilla pudding, halawa plain, pure vanilla extract powder, AND could never say no to vanilla wafers cookies, halva plain, honey vanilla candy, the Emirelli halvah vanilla (known as halavah candy vanilla or vanilla halva) is your new favorite snack! A luxuriously sweet, delicate-tasting vanilla dessert, with a light-as-air consistency, simply made of ground sesame seeds.

7. Greek Halva Organic With Honey 250g (8.8 oz)

  • Organic With Honey
  • It is a tasty and nutritious choice thanks to the rich and antioxidant properties of sesame. Enjoy it at any time of the day.
  • Greek Handmade Traditional Halva, Health Benefits, Delicious Snack Recipe
  • Halva is rich in B vitamin, E vitamin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium and antioxidants. Regarding the calorific value, the combination of ingredients, sesame and sugar, it is a long-lasting and nutritious source of high energy and is also believed to rejuvenate the cells of the body. It is a delicious vegetarian and healthy food for adults and children, too Key Product Features
  • Sesame Halva is popular in the Balkans, Middle East, and other areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The primary ingredients in this confection are sesame butter or paste (tahini), and sugar, glucose or honey.

8. Roots Circle Mini Halva Candy Sesame Tahini Bars | Bulk Re-sealable Bag | Made of 50% Sesame | Cocoa Bean & Vanilla Flavors | 42 Individually Wrapped Halvah Pieces | Kosher, Gluten-Free & Vegan

  • GO AHEAD, INDUGE AND “HALVA” PIECE: Originating in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, Halva is a thick, decadent confection with a distinctive sweet and savory taste. Hints of nutty, honeyed flavor combined with a smooth texture is sure to make your mouth water.
  • INCLUDES TWO SCRUMPTIOUS FLAVORS: Enjoy two of the most popular halva flavors in one oversized bulk bag. Halva with cocoa bean and vanilla flavors pair well with afternoon coffee or tea, or crumble some over your ice cream for added texture and a uniquely rich taste.
  • 50% SESAME MEANS BETTER TASTING HALVA: We’ve worked hard to perfect our recipe to bring you the best tasting halva. Delicious halva means an equal sesame-sugar ratio (at least 50% sesame). Taste the difference with the melt-in-your-mouth consistency of this delightful treat.
  • VERSATILE GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN GOODNESS: Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious gluten-free, dairy-free vegan-friendly mini halva bites. Roots Circle halva is not only vegan friendly, but can also be crumbled over yogurt parfait or added to cheese spreads for upscale entertaining.
  • RE-SEALABLE BULK BAG FOR FRESHNESS: Add a little something sweet to your pantry. Our bulk res-sealable bag includes 42 individually wrapped mini halva pieces. Halva is the perfect treat for your next event, and our little bars are great mini favors for weddings, showers or birthday celebrations.

9. Mighty Sesame TahiniBars, Variety Pack (Total 18 Bars)

  • Delicious Halva Bars made with Sesame Seeds, Get To Taste All 3 Awesome Flavors
  • Good Source of Fiber and plant Based Protein, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free
  • Enjoy As a Healthy Grab and Go Snack or As an Elegant Dessert
  • 6 TahiniBARs Per Pack, Total of 18 Bars
  • Certified Kosher and Dairy Free

10. Leviton GFNT1-W Self-Test SmartlockPro Slim GFCI Non-Tamper-Resistant Receptacle with LED Indicator, Wallplate Included, 15-Amp, White

  • For an added layer of protection, the GFCI regularly conducts an automatic internal test to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault
  • Provides continuous ground fault protection detects and trips on actual ground fault even when self test is being conducted
  • Status indicator light shows power and protection status as well as indication of line/load reversal
  • Patented lockout action prevents reset if GFCI is damaged and cannot respond to a ground fault
  • Slim, shallow design reduced depth makes it easier to install


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