15 Best Pedal Cars For Toddlers in 2021!

Top 15 Best Pedal Cars For Toddlers in 2021!

This pedal car is the best present for your children to provide a colorful childhood. In this blog, we are going to introduce to you the best pedal cars for toddlers. If your child ages 2 to 12, then you can choose easily from here.

The pedal car is the most common toy for kids. It makes their life more joyful. These generation kids are going addicted to virtual life. When you give them this kind of outdoor toy, they will enjoy it very much outdoor. Pedal cars help kids lot of way as like its a good exercise for their body. This kind of toy helps develop kid’s tiny hand and eye coordination and provides them with independence. Also grows good mental health and makes a quick decision. These cars for your little kids are fun. The toddler pedal car is a trouble-free toy. You don’t need to push, and some vehicles are remote control so that you can control those cars very quickly.

This toy is safe for your kids; don’t worry about that. This kind of toy is eco-friendly. Kids are enjoying when they are riding on this pedal car and visit outside.

Here are some tips to help you to get the right car for your kids.


Pedal cars come in different designs. Choose a pedal car that suits your child’s age and interests. For example, if they are a firefighter fan, go for a firefighter pedal car. For a police lover, we recommend a police pedal car.


Every time, remember when you buy the pedal car for your child should be safe to use. For a pedal car in this list, we ensure the paint finish is kids friendly. It doesn’t make toxic elements such as BPA and lead. Then you can check the wheels are non-slip and the pedal car has a seatbelt.

Weight limit

At last, check the car can accommodate your kid’s weight and height. Make sure your kid is comfortable, and the vehicle lasts for a long.

01. Best Police Pedal Car

Police Pedal Car


Double Driving Model

  • Parental remote control & Manual operation.
  • Parent can help your children control this car with a 2.4G remote control(3 speeds shifting).
  • Baby can operate this car by himself/herself by electric foot pedal and steering wheel.

The Feeling of Driving a Police Car

  • The cool flashing police lights, Real siren wailing, and real walkie-talkies make kids have a real police car.
  • Play music via Bluetooth, AUX, USB, MP3 interface. Give your kids a near-real police car driving experience.

Safety & Comfort

  • Kids can drive while listening to music, adjustable seat belts, and front wheels with suspension systems keep kids safe.
  • Influence by modes and surface, after the Car is fully charged, your kids could play car for about 60min.

Portable Handle

  • When the battery runs out, you can pull out the handle under the car’s head and then move the car like luggage.

Two Seat Pedal Car Specifications

  • Product size: 43.3”x26.8”x20.5” (L x W x H).
  • Maximum Load: 66lb.
  • Speed: 1.86 -3.10 mph.
  • Suitable for: 3-7 years old kids.

Note: Charge for 8-12 hours before first use

02. Best Police Pedal Truck

Police Pedal Truck


Suitable for two toddlers, for one kid 4-8 years.

Two Driving Modes

  • Off road pedal car.
  • Parental remote control & Kids manual operate( 3-8 years).
  • A parent can remote control by 2.4Ghz remote controller if kids are too young.
  • Kids could drive by themselves or themselves by electric foot pedal and steering wheel.

Multiple Functions

  • MP4 player with built-in video, MP3 Player with built-in music, Bluetooth, AUX cord, or USB to play your video or music.
  • Power display, LED lights, forward/backward, turn right/left, brake freely; Speeds shifting and natural car engine sound.

Safety & Comfort

  • Adjustable seat belt, parental remote control, and four wheels with suspension system keep kids safe.
  • Portable handle in case battery runs out on the way.

Two Seat Pedal Car Specifications

Upgraded Version: Baked paint material, MP4 player, leather seater, EVA wheels
Battery: 12V 9AH.
Overall size : 48.4“*34.6”*31.5”(L x W x H).
Seat width: 17.7”; Maximum Load 88lbs.
Speed: 3-5 KM/h. 2 powerful 12V motor.


  1. The wheels and the car body are packed in 2 different boxes. They might not arrive on the same day. Please wait 1 – 2 days to receive the 2nd package.
  2. Please watch the installation video and display a video on our listing page for your easy operation.

03. Best Firefighter Pedal Car

firefighter pedal car


Double Driving Modes

  • Parental remote control & Manual operation. A parent can help your children control this car with a 2.4G remote control(3 speeds shifting).
  • Baby can operate this car by himself/herself by electric foot pedal and steering wheel.

The Feeling of Driving a Firefighter Car

  • The cool flashing lights, siren wailing, and walkie-talkies make kids have a real firefighter car.

Safety & Comfort

  • Kids can drive while listening to music with, adjustable seat belt.
  • Parental remote control and front wheels with suspension system keep kids safe.

Portable Handle

  • You can pull the handle under the head of the car to move it like a piece of luggage when the battery runs out on the way.

Two Seat Pedal Car Specifications

  • Product size: 43.3*26.8*20.5” (L x W x H).
  • Maximum Load: 66lb.
  • Speed: 3-5 KM/h.
  • Suitable for: 37-96 months old kids.

04. Best Fire Truck Pedal Car

Fire Truck Pedal Car



  • Let your little one live out his or her firefighter dreams aboard these 12V motorized cars for kids.
  • Realistic alarm sound, simulated fire extinguisher, water pistol, and helmet give kids a real fireman driving experience.


  • Operated by child or parents. Single child power cars operate with foot pedal accelerators.
  • Steering wheel or with remote control for parents to use.


  • Both front and rear wheels are equipped with a spring suspension system to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, ideal for both outdoor & indoor playing.
  • Parental remote control, seat belt, and double lockable door design offer maximum safety for your kids.

Battery life

  • Car runs up to 60-120 minutes(Based on child weight) per charge.
  • Remote Control, Horn, MP3 Connection Music.

Easy to assemble

  • Clear, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions are included with each craft kit.

05. Best Pedal Go Kart

Pedal Go Kart



  • This Go-kart offers effortless operation with no gears or batteries that require charging, which perfectly avoids battery, wire connection, etc.
  • Your kids could ride it by themselves, and they can have exercise in the meantime to keep healthy.
  • The seat to a comfortable position with the growth of your kids.


  • The high-backed bucket seat is excellent support for your kids to lean on when they are exhausted and want to have a better rest.
  • They can speed down at ease and control it freely. It also has TWO positions to be adjusted to fits your kid’s body.


  • EVA rubber wheels are in the proper size and feature a secure design for your kids to go to many places like hard surface, grass, ground which lessens the hazard.

06. Best Pedal Cars for Girls – Berg Pedal Car

Berg Pedal Car


About this item

  • Stylish pedal-powered go-kart allows your child to have fun and be safe while learning the basics of bicycling.
  • Silent EVA tires are made durable and will never go flat.
  • An adjustable seat allows this bike to be used for years as your child grows.
  • 4 wheels and a swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.
  • The direct driving system makes pedaling light and easy to do.
  • Pink pedal car.

07. Best Tractor Supply Pedal Car

Tractor Supply Pedal Car


About this item


A fully operational ride on a tractor performs multiple tasks.


Rugged tractor toy is designed to inspire imaginative play.


Adjustable tractor seat, functional steering wheel, and easy-to-reach pedals.


This ride-on tractor is easy to use and ride on.


Pedal car for 3 years old.

08. Best Nerf Pedal Car

Best Nerf Pedal Car


About this item

  • Placeholders for Nerf blasters, brackets & darts sturdy tubular steel frame.
  • Nerf orange ball bearing mounted rims with low-profile tires sporty 3 point steering wheel for responsive, quick steering.
  • Speed can be kept in check with the easy-to-use handbrake race-style pedals.
  • Holds up to 120 pounds.
  • Blasters and darts are omitted.

09. Best Instep Pedal Car

Instep Pedal Car



The FAO Schwarz Ride-On Roadster Car features a vintage charm that adults and children alike will love! No detail has been spared in the car’s streamlined metal body, front grill, and racer number decal.


The car is powered by the rider’s feet; they can walk forward and use the actual, functioning steering wheel to steer the car around the room.


The car has been designed in classic FAO Schwarz style: festive red with an homage to the holidays’ past!


The car measures a robust 37” long by 20” high and 12” wide, making it great for children ages 3+. With sturdy construction and motorized parts, children can safely drive around the house or outdoors using leg power!


The roadster is the perfect gift for car lovers, aspiring race car drivers, and any child who wants a stylish ride for cruising around the house or backyard!

10. Best Little Tikes Pedal Car

Little Tikes Pedal Car


About this item

  • Durable, quiet-ride tires
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Footrests fold away and detach.
  • The seat adjusts to 4 positions, almost any size child.
  • 5-point seat belt harness and protective safety bar.
  • Adjustable, detachable push handle that allows the parent to control direction with one hand.
  • Durable metal/plastic construction.
  • Convenient beverage holder.
  • Extra-large storage bucket w/dumping feature.

11. Best Kettcar Pedal Car

Kettcar Pedal Car



  • This Pedal Go Kart provides an authentic driving experience and allows the driver to control their speed.
  • Lightning is designed to be the perfect pedal go kart for young drivers and can be used to ride both indoor and outdoor.
  • It encourages physical activity, builds strength, endurance and coordination.

Pedal power

  • Always ready to go, never need to worry about batteries that require charging.
  • Easy designed pedal-push sprocket, perfect for younger children.


  • Race-inspired pedals, rubber wheels, and eight ball style hand brake.
  • 3-point sporty steering wheel and steel tube powder-coat frame.


  • The custom, ergonomic seat is adjustable and equipped with a high backrest for a comfortable, safe sitting position.
  • This allows the child to be comfortable and ride longer.

Product dimension: L: 38 inches | W: 21 inches | H: 22 inches.

Weight: 21 pounds.

12. Best Jeep Pedal Car

Jeep Pedal Car



  • Wheels are equipped with a spring suspension system to ensure a smooth ride. Ideal for both outdoor & indoor playing.


  • It contains two forward speeds & 2 reverse speeds by manual and three speeds each by remote control.

Car Speed

  • 2.5 mph – 4 mph.Smooth & simple to ride.

MP3 player

  • Able to connect your device by USB to play your music or stories. The cabinet is available for the store.

Two Modes Design

  • It can be operated by a foot pedal and steering wheel or remote controller (2.4G Bluetooth).
  • Parent’s remote control and double door design ensure your kid’s safety.

Perfect Gift

  • Scientifically designed kids ride on the truck is a wonderful present for your children’s birthday or Christmas. for age 3+ boys & girls.

Note: There are TWO BOXES for this ride on a truck. Please wait patiently for both boxes delivered before assembly.

13. Best Batmobile Go Kart

Batmobile Go Kart


About this item

  • Sporty 3 point steering for responsive, quick steering.
  • Adjustable bucket seat for multiple height kids.
  • Race-styled pedals with rubber wheels & 8 ball style brake for better grip and smooth ride.
  • Handbrake for both rear wheels.
  • The front cover panel in hero design.

14. Best Radio Flyer Pedal Car

Radio Flyer Pedal Car



  • This tricycle grows with your toddler through different riding stages.
  • Easily convert between 4 growing stages by removing the accessories.


  • The four stages include toddler trike (12 mos. – 18 mos.).
  • Steering trike (18 mos. – 24 mos.).
  • Learn-to-ride trike (2 – 3 yrs.).
  • Classic trike (4 – 5 yrs.).


  • The removable accessories allow this tricycle to grow with your child.
  • The accessories include an adjustable UV protection canopy, wrap-around tray, headrest and seat belt, footrest, and parent storage pouch.


  • UV protection canopy protects from the sun.
  • The all-terrain air tires provide a smooth ride on any terrain.


  • The height-adjustable parent push handle provides easy control.
  • The foam grip adds comfort.
  • The push handle is removable for when the child can ride on their own.


  • Assembled product dimensions: 37.2” x 34.3” x 22”.
  • Maximum weight capacity 59 lbs.

15. Best Airplane Pedal Car

Airplane Pedal Car


About this item

  • Hear Dusty play his favorite songs!
  • Press and slide for realistic lift-off and landing sounds.
  • Press different buttons for rewarding sounds and flashing lights.
  • Steer wheel and honk the horn for a great “flying” adventure!.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 50 lbs.

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