Cash Cannon

Cash Cannon

This thing is incredible. It livened up the birthday celebration. It arrived so quickly and shot unexpectedly fast and far. It is easy to reload rapidly. Cannon came with more realistic looking money. You can personalize it with the provided stickers (choice of Super Gun or a blurry Supreme) or use your own.

Product Features

This money gun is just a toy gun made of ABS plastic inverted film, use of 4 AA batteries to control the rotation motor. And press the trigger, the money will be shot out, the firing rate of about 15 per second. This money gun makes it rain of fake money, and it also works for real money, coupons or flyers. Very funny toy guns for boys, girls, or adults. Great for making the atmosphere active at weddings, parties, birthdays, or other gatherings.

Amazing Money Gun

A fantastic money gun that can feed up to more than 100 pcs dollar bills and send them flying across the room and making it rain money without touching a statement.

How It Work

Install 4 AA batteries into the gun right side. Lift the top cover open, and place the money in the loading compartment, finally pull the trigger. Make sure you aim in the direction you want the items to be dispensed.

Come with 100 pcs Prop Money

It comes with 100 pcs fake money for practice fire, and it also works for real money or any item that is similar in structure. The Fire distance Range is about 2 meters (including falling distance, rate of about 15 per second.

Suitable for Kids or Adult

Made from high-quality ABS Safe material. Great for distributing money, flyers, coupons, and even business cards. Great livening toy for weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, team builders, birthday parties, Christmas gifts, nightclubs, etc.

Fire distance Range: The maximum range of about 2 meters, the speed of the shot is about 15 sheets per second.

Product Size: 7.5*3.5 inches.

Packing size: 3.5 * 6.7 * 8.7 inches.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Spray Prop Gun.
  • 1 x Box.
  • 100 pcs props dollars.

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