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This chewy cat tree fun, durable toys for cats. Buy this cat tree as an upgrade from a smaller one for your cat, which he had outgrown. This cat tree is impressive, and as you’ll see within the photos. Two cats would share this cat tree just fine, especially if one were smaller in size.

Maybe your cat plays with the different varied toys (which include a twine rope, a mouse hanging from the one house, one hanging bauble, and one coiled spring bauble). Your cat can play aggressively with it, so good. The assembly uses a correct number of huge bolts to stick everything together. The character of the chewy cat trees is perfect for your cat. But there is a little bit of movement when he goes up and down. The bottom was surprisingly hefty, so don’t worry a few topple over.


This Cat Tree is made from highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with high-quality Faux Fur finish to keep your cats warmed and cozy. Multiple scratching posts are covered by natural sisal ropes, which are perfect for your cats to scratch, climb, play, and become active. Easy to assemble with included tools and instructions.


Your cat needs a space of their own to rest and play. They can take a nap or play around as much as they want. This chewy cat tree lets your cat be more active. The Go Pet Club cat tree is durable enough for an endless amount of playtime for your cat.


The quiet and roomy condo allows for your cat to nap without any disruptions; perches with raised edge allow more safety and support for your cat. Covering


A sisal-covered post adds more fun for playtime. Reinforced posts wrapped with natural sisal rope keep your cat from scratching your furniture and allows your cat to have a fun way to exercise.

Chewy Cat Tree

Chewy Cat Tree, from amazon

Cat loves everything from top to bottom.

Lots of twines a part of why he loves the various levels is that there’s a twine pole on every level, and he loves scratching this. The twine poles are quite sufficient to scratch away happily. The highest two standards are indeed small, but as you’ll see, your cat can comfortably sit and even lay down on those levels. He sleeps there and fits nicely into the larger compartment down below for this purpose. The center level compartment is more for play and hiding than anything. He’s not cautious or wavering in his use of the highest two posts.

This chewy cat tree is that the instructions were a touch of a multitude. However, frankly, it is reasonably necessary construction. The visual diagram is helpful, and that you had this thing assembled fully.

Your cat will love the fur haven tiger tough cat tree house condo entertainment double-decker playground furniture. It features two separate enclosed cat condos, a CAT-IQ busy box, dangling mouse toy, sisal scratching posts, a dangling ball, and springy-wand ball cat toys. This tall 5-ft. 8-in. Cat tower has multiple levels of enjoyment, and whether your kitty is on the lower level playing with the dangling mouse toy, relaxing in privacy in one of the kitty condos, or stretching on an upper cat perch to play with the CAT-IQ buys box. You will know that your cat is happy and safe.

The bottom base is large and sturdy, and to keep it interesting. The fabric-covered cat shelves, and the cat houses, come in different shapes and sizes. Several tall columns keep the cat tree secure. It covers with sisal rope-covered cat scratching posts for your cat’s scratching training and pleasure. The cat condo on the second level has a cat ladder that reaches up to the second cat house. Your kitty will want to climb to the upper levels and play with the CAT-IQ busy box. The dangling cat toy and the spring ball toy. Your kitty will get plenty of exercises, jumping, stretching, and playing on this fantastic piece of cat furniture. The double-decker playground cat tree is easy to clean by spot-washing with a damp cloth and vacuuming it when needed.

Chewy Cat Tree

Chewy Cat Tree, from amazon

Features and Benefits

  • ENTERTAINMENT: Cat Tree Tower Condo Playground features fun and stimulating activities for your favorite kitty. Entertain them with a hanging prey mouse toy, two puffball toys, a dangling rope, and an engaging cat IQ busy box.
  • SCRATCHING POST: The chewy cat tree includes sisal-wrapped posts that help relieve your cat’s instinctual need to scratch. The sisal fiber is durable and biodegradable, ensuring long-lasting, economical use while being earth-friendly.
  • PLAY SURFACE: Plush and snuggly soft faux fur covers the multi-level platforms, ladder, and two cat houses. The material is gentle on noses and paws, providing a positively comfortable surface for both sleep and play.
  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLERS: The cat tree tower comes with designated spaces for rest and lounge. Your kitty will love curling up and nestling into the super cozy comfort provided by the two multi-level cat condos.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: We at Furhaven know that pets can present some unique cleaning challenges – that’s why we made the chewy cat tree tower easy to clean!


  • Material: Faux Fur.
  • Overall Size: 38″”W x 27″”L x 62″”H .
  • Base Board Size: 26″”W x 19″”L .
  • Condo: 10. 5″” Día x 12. 5″”H .
  • Top Perch: 13. 25″”W x 13. 25″”L x 2. 75″”H”.
  • Rope: 1.
  • Basket: 1.
  • Ladder: 1.

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