Claw Glove

Best Claw Glove In 2021!

These Claw Glove are so good. You can buy them as gifts to people who work in their yards. This is too durable, breathable, and time savers. Claw glove definitely a different concept. They do work awesome for back-scratching, if you are gentle, for both the dog & your son, who ironically both love back scratches.

About this item

  • Quick and easy to plant – 4 ABS plastic claws on Left and RightI Glove. All 8 claws have been attached with an environmentally friendly adhesive.
  • Hand tools in gardening work – Easy solution for digging Loose soil, planting, Durable construction prevents broken fingernails and bruised fingertips.
  • Waterproof and puncture-resistant to protect your hands – Breathable technology protects your hands from dirt, sweat, and injuries during heavy-duty work.
  • Universal Size Fits Most – High-quality latex coating has good ductility, so garden genie gloves are universal sizes suitable for women and men.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Contact us if you have any questions about the Gardening Gloves.

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