Cooling Blanket

Cooling Blanket

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This blanket is a game-changer for my eight-year-old who suffers from pretty severe bedtime anxiety. After months of trying everything under the sun to ease his stress. Finally ordered this blanket as a last resort. I’m not exaggerating when I say we saw improvement from night one with this blanket. Since buying this Cooling Blanket, my son falls asleep so. So much faster and sleeps more profound and more extended. Instead of his anxiety keeping him up for hours after bedtime (on bad nights up past midnight), he is asleep within 30-45 minutes since buying this blanket. This blanket is worth its weight in gold. If your child suffers from bedtime anxiety, you know the toll it takes on the whole family.

Blanket Details: My son sleeps in a full-size bed, so I ordered the 48/78 size, and it fits perfectly on the top of his bed. We live in Florida, so I worry about the added warmth of a weighted blanket, but being this one is 100% cotton, it breathes well. My son is a warm sleeper, and when I ask if his new coverage is too hot, he says, “No! It is perfect and cozy!” It also has loops around the outside of the blanket so it can attach to a duvet. The navy cotton is a true navy and soft to the touch with a touch of sheen.


Weighted Idea Duvet Cover is highly recommended for easy cleaning. 5% discount (NO CODE REQUIRED) on duvet cover when buying them together.

GOOD SLEEP – Weighted blanket is engineered to be around 7-12% of your body weight can offer great all-natural sleep for adults and kids by offering the gentle feeling of being hugged to encourage deep and restful sleep. For new users, please choose 7% of body weight if you have the worries of being too heavy.

SUBTLE SOFTNESS – Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket is made from a high-quality, super soft, and cozy 100% Natural Cotton, our blankets are extra breathable. Cotton’s superior breathability makes weighted blankets ideal for bedding all year round.

GREAT VERSATILITY – Throw this blanket over your bed set when taking a nap, living room’s couch while watching television. It is not only can use at sleep but also can use while reading.

MULTIPLE CHOICES – Weighted Idea blankets are various in color, style, size, and weight to meet different needs at different ages. 15 lbs. weighted blanket is for an individual weighing around 140 pounds. 48″x78″ is for one person on a twin size bed.

BEST GIFTS – Weighted Idea blanket is a beautiful sleeping gift for your loved ones in ANY HOLIDAYS and ANY OCCASIONS. Weighted Idea wants to delight our customers. If you have any problem, please contact us freely, we will make it right to you.

Read before Purchasing Cooling Blanket

A: Adjustment Period: Please give 7-10 days for your body to adjust to the blanket before you can experience the full benefits of the product.

B: Smaller Size: A weighted blanket is usually smaller than a traditional blanket of the same size, which could help to concentrate the weight on your body.

C: Hot Sleepers Should Know: The material of our weighted blanket is soft and breathable, which is suitable for all seasons. But hot sleepers may feel hot during warm days due to its weight, so a fan or an AC. is recommended.

D: Refund & Returns: Weighted Idea provides a one-month return and replacement service. If there is any quality problem in one year, a new blanket will be arranged.

E: Care Instructions: We recommend spot clean and flat dry. Frequent wash would damage the structure of the blanket, so we suggest using a duvet cover for the aim of easy cleaning.

F: Cautions: Do not cover your face with the blanket in case of suffocation. Keep clear of fires, heaters, or any other heat sources.

People with health risks should consult your doctor before using weighted blankets.

Cooling Blanket

Cooling Blanket

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