CR2 Battery

CR2 Battery

You can’t think how much these very long. Recent best cr2 battery in the web market and it uses a lot and so far. It is so good and still going strong. There are no signs of fading. The extra little keychain light was also extremely bright (you didn’t expect much from that), very nice. I think you love the flashlight they gave you. You put it in your purse or pocket. It lights the whole thing up.

Use the batteries for the viewfinder. If you use the first time, I am sure after the end you order several times. This time we offer a flashlight with a holder. It’s small just right for a man’s pocket. The batteries last a long time — the best price for the batteries.

Product description

Three CR2 lithium batteries with light junction keychain light.

CR2 Battery delivers the power to prevail when it counts. Advanced lithium technology, matched to the demands of tactical tools, ensures stronger, longer-lasting energy under all conditions. For performance, you can trust under fire.


  • For laser sights, weapon-mounted lights, and tactical flashlights.
  • Maximum life for instant readiness.
  • The maximum power delivery starts to finish.
  • Low-impact, recycle-friendly design.

Excellent performance, it can work in any lousy temperature. High quality. Ultra-high energy density and lasts 3-5 times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries in high current drain devices like digital cameras.

  • Long service life.
  • Security certification.
  • Environmentally friendlier.
  • Wide operational temperature.
  • Leakage proof crimping technique.

Cr2 3v lithium battery supports most of the devices

  1. Photo cameras.
  2. Laser bore sighter.
  3. Laser pointer.
  4. Golf rangefinder.
  5. Microprocessor.
  6. Snuza baby monitor.
  7. Flashlight.

And much other photo equipment.

Verified Amazon Customer Review

I bought these batteries for my husband. He needed them for some hunting equipment. They work fine so far, and we had them for very long. So I can’t speak about how long they will last. The little lighted keychain is pretty bright too — a good deal for three batteries.

CR2 Battery

CR2 Battery, from amazon

CR2 Battery

CR2 Battery, from amazon

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