Craft String Lights

Craft String Lights

You are looking to go with outdoor lighting that had a vintage look but using LED lights. You tried a couple of sets that claimed to be old, but when you turned them on, the lighting was white. The beauty of these is you can change the colors for the mood/season. We have been using a color that looks very vintage. It seems kind of a yellowish/orange look, and it is impressive. Use the “mode” button on the remote, and there are approximately ten pre-configured modes. One of them is a Fall mode, which has three different colors. It looks excellent – yellow/orange/red; however, they are very similar in color. It looks great! They also make it very easy to use two different colors. Press “color 1”, choose the color and press “color 2” and choose the second one.

This craft string light has a memory, so every night when they turn on, it keeps the desired color. The quality of the cabling and lights is 10X better than your expectations. You can express how happy you are with this craft string lights. For Halloween, It’ll switch to orange/purple for Christmas, red and green, for the 4th of July, red/blue/white. These lights are Epic. Incredible job, Enbrighten! I love innovation and high quality.

Craft String Lights are fresh, and so far, they seem hefty duty. They are very heavy, so be prepared when you mount them. Remote has several built-in set color patterns for various holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, As well as two different rainbow type settings. It has useful settings for relatively slow fade transitions through all colors. Which are kind of cute, but like all LED strips, the changes are too fast to be anything but gimmicky.

There are a couple of settings that are just planning annoying, like fast blink and fast on/off at random. It can produce a 6500k white. Setting static colors is easy. If you just hit the button on one of the colors, the whole string lights up that color. The other option is to choose two alternating colors like red blue or red yellow etc. You can’t select red, yellow, red green or red-green yellow or anything like that.

Just alternating: color 1, color 2. It’s straightforward to customize on the spot, but as far as I know, you can’t store settings, which hasn’t been an issue at all. It also has an outlet on end to extend the lights. The string is ungrounded 2-prong.

This Craft String Lights work with Alexa. Best choice product on GoodsBuddy.

Product description

Craft string lights are the future of lighting. You choose lots of colors for any occasion or holiday, celebrate your favorite sports teams. Warm vintage white for beautiful year-round installations with a premium design. You don’t need to change your outdoor holiday lights again. This craft string lights Edison-style cafe lights boast the functionality and durability of the standard LED model. String Lights are stylish, vintage twist plus selectable color modes.

Craft String Lights exude a soft, amber glow, creating an instantly warm atmosphere to any location. Select your favorite color, two-color combination, or a variety of preset color modes. Craft String Lights include 12 bulbs on a 24-ft string and are linkable up to 750 ft. Its enough to decor any space.

About the product

  • THE PERFECT AMBIENCE: Adds a sophisticated, visually pleasing atmosphere to any indoor or outdoor space. Including backyards, porches, balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, gazebos, cafes, bars, restaurants, and more!
  • COLOR CHANGES EVERYTHING: Offers the choice of 16 colors, seemingly endless 2-color combinations, and a variety of preset modes for special occasions. All of which can select via wireless remote (included) and dimmed or set to 2- or 4-hour timeout.
  • STYLISH YET FUNCTIONAL: Features 24 durable, impact-resistant acrylic Edison-style bulbs, commercial-grade, and UL listed for permanent installation. Craft String Lights designed to withstand year-round exposure to the elements
  • LIGHTING FOR LIFE – Includes lifetime warranty for peace of mind, in addition to long-life, energy-efficient LED technology, which means no more bulbs to replace!
  • EASY LINKING AND INSTALL – Multiple sets are linkable up to 750 feet and easy to install. Whether mounted on a flat surface or hung from above (mounting hardware not included), you can achieve the perfect length for your installation.

Craft String Lights

Craft String Lights

Craft String Lights

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