Crystal Salt Lamp with Air Purifying

goodsbuddy.comCrystal Salt Lamp with Air Purifying


At night, you need to light up a small salt lamp, and then a romantic atmosphere will come quickly, with no flowers/wines/other expensive decorations required. The dreamy and soft light can create a warm, peaceful, and romantic room atmosphere. The crystal salt lamp can generate negative ions to improve the air quality after the fire is lighted. Just get ours In life, Crystal Salt Lamp, with Air Purifying home to purify your room and create a comfortable room environment.

Main features:

Warm night light:
With the built-in LED light function, it could be a warm night light to give you illumination in the dark environment and create a comfortable atmosphere for you.

Air purifier:
Besides, like a lamp, it is also an air purifier. After the salt lamp is turned on, a large number of negative ions can be released, and the air can be purified quickly, which also decreases electromagnetic radiation and is suitable for your body.

Easy to operate:
Just plug the USB cable into your computer or other sockets. Short press its button to turn on/off and long press to adjust the light brightness.

Ideal gift:
Warm and soft light can relieve your stress and fatigue after work. Meanwhile, a large number of negative ions can be released to purify air effectively. In life, a crystal salt lamp is an ideal gift for you or your beloveds.

Wide complication:
With its compact design and good-looking appearance, you can place it anywhere that you like, such as the living room, bedroom, study room, and office, etc.


  1. Lampshade material: blow-molded glass
  2. LED quantity: 10pcs
  3. Lumen: 550 – 600lm
  4. Rated voltage: DC 5V
  5. Rated power: 5W
  6. Length of the USB cable: about 140cm

Battery Included: No
Battery Require: No
Bulb Included: Yes
Light Source: LED Bulbs


goodsbuddy.comCrystal Salt Lamp with Air Purifying

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