Dee Zee

Dee Zee

You may purchase this for your Super cab 6.5 ft bed. The installation instructions were pretty bright. Installing this is a shock comfortable so long as you follow the instructions. They made an elegant auto-locking bolt to attach to your tailgate and another piece. That doubles onto your existing tailgate hinge. Then you have a shock that keeps people from letting your tailgate slam open, and you can open your tailgate. It will slowly lower the rest of the way down.

You have to follow the instructions, measured the 3/4″, marked a point on the nut to count the nine revolutions, and started the install of the blind nut. It had spread slightly but still freely withdrew from the hole in the tailgate. You threaded the screw back into the blind nut, this time in, and reinserted it into the tailgate. Started turning the tightening nut again.

Instructions were easy to follow — only mod. You have to make was at the ball mount plate. You did not want two different metals (causing rust) coming in contact with one another. Put two layers of Mylar, and you had on hand to the truck side of the plate then installed per instructions. You must read where some are having a problem installing the blind nut for the ball mount on/at the gate. You did not encounter any difficulty. After installation, you opened and closed the barrier 20 times and rechecked everything. All was/is excellent. Love it!

After installing the blind nut, the rest of the installation was quick and straightforward, and it worked great. Total install you need time, with gathering tools, was twenty minutes.

Customer Review

I was looking at this for several months beforehand, the price was pretty reasonable, but I was afraid it might be too gimmicky. I finally justified it after my wife let my tailgate slam open too many times, and I said: “This will fix that from ever happening again!” And so far, it has. You received Dee Zee very fast and promptly went to install it. Instructions are clear enough, so you figured no problem.  It also gives a pretty cool/refined feeling every time. I open my tailgate and know it’s opening quick while I’m grabbing whatever I’m about to load. I would repurchase it.

Product description

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist – Safely controls the drop of your truck’s tailgate. Custom designed for each make and model. High quality and extensively tested to handle heave use for the life of the car. It works in conjunction with factory cables. Easy, a no-drill installation that installs in minutes.


  • Safely Controls The Drop Rate Of Truck Tailgates.
  • Custom Designed For Each Make And Model.
  • High Quality and Extensively Tested For Heavy Use.
  • Works In Conjunction With Factory Cables.
  • Only One Tailgate Assist Required Per Vehicle.
  • This dee zee fits FORD F150 04-14 (not flare side).

Dee Zee

Dee Zee

Dee Zee

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