Door Harp

Woodstock Silver Emperor Door Harp

If you already have gone through many wind chimes. They don’t seem to last longer than one year. We assure you this door harp will continue, and it is so good. The chimes have a pleasant “tinkling” sound, and it’s rather large, more significant than it appears in the picture. It’s a nice change from the usual brash “bong bong” sounds of the regular wind chimes. The design is very unique.

The chimes look really good on your front porch. When the wind blows, the chimes sound so soothing to your ears because of the design. If you have small birds, land on it, and just adds to the chimes. The chimes came in perfect sizes, and you also love to have them. This door harp was a gift from your daughter for Mother’s Day. It’s an excellent gift for those that you can’t think of what to get them.

This Door Harp is pretty, graceful looking, and very nicely made. You may intend to hang just inside your door. Where it will catch a breeze when the door is open, or play them yourself when walking by. If you go to the Woodstock Chimes website, you can read an exciting story about how the company start and quickly see this small wind.

What is really fun is you can test the sound of each one on their website. I’ve admired their wind chimes in very expensive flower nurseries, etc. for years. If you hadn’t moved to an otherwise lovely area that is sometimes an absolute wind tunnel, you would get one of the deeper sounding ones that you have always loved. This small one is great for your use. Just be aware it chimes at very high octaves. It would make a lovely wedding gift for someone.

This door harp maybe your new house to built to hang it. It is exactly what you want at an excellent price for a well-made piece. For those hanging, the wind chimes outside (where, of course, they belong), and the string has broken. It’s easy to restring a wind chime with the cord from a craft store. Obviously, weather wear and tear is not the same every year and getting more dramatic each year with climate change. So not fair to compare these perfectly made chimes with those you have used in prior years.

Product description

The Emperor Series embodies the mystery and splendor that await those who travel to exotic lands. In the 2nd century B.C., during China’s Han Dynasty, caravans of traders established. A series of routes across Eurasia linking east to west. This ancient trading network – known as the “Silk Road” – would endure for over 1500 years. It served not only as a pathway for precious goods such as silk, jade, and spices. Also, for new ideas, technology, art, and music. The lure of a long journey filled with romance and adventure remains.

Over 30 years ago, Grammy award-winning musician and instrument. Designer Garry Kvistad created the first Woodstock Chime from an aluminum lawn chair he found in a landfill. He was fascinated by the Scale of Olympus. A 7th-century pentatonic scale that can’t play on a modern piano. Garry cut and tuned the lawn chair tubes to the exact frequency of the ancient level.

The resulting Chimes of Olympus was the first Woodstock Chime. It is still one of our best selling, musically-tuned wind chimes. Garry and his wife Diane founded Woodstock Chimes in 1979 and even develop the chimes today. It remains a family-owned business in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Features and Benefits

Two tubes for each tone give this harp a lovely shimmering sound.

Cherry finish ash wood, eight silver aluminum tubes.

Length: 17-1/2 inches.

Width: 3/10 of a pound.

Overall, chime length measure from the top of the gather ring/knob to the bottom of the harp. Beautifully finished, provides years of pleasure in a garden, near a door, or as a gift. Ideal for use in meditation, sound therapy, or to enhance the soundscape.


Door Harp

Door Harp, from amazon

Door Harp

Door Harp, from amazon

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