Door Knob Stopper

Door Knob Stopper

Features and Benefits

  • UGREEN door bumper leaves a safe gap between the doorknob and wall, significantly protecting your walls from impact damage brought by door handles.
  • With a durable self-adhesive surface, this door handle protector is easy to install: wash and dry the wall first then stick it on where the doors handle hits.
  • Soft foam material absorbs impact force when hitting the wall, effectively reducing noise for your bedroom door.
  • Useful wall guard and protector for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, classroom, office, and even for some refrigerator, drawer, etc.
  • Color in white for this door knob stopper so you can paint on it and create it decoratively to match the wall color you like.

Product description

Big helper with this little gadget

Ugreen adhesive door knob stopper can protect interior walls from impact damage caused by doorknob hitting. It is widely applied to walls in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or even fridge, drawers, etc. With this wall stopper and protector, you can quickly get rid of “bang” awkward noise when your kids fling open doors.

Smart door stoppers with premium material

  • The soft foam material can absorb the force and dampen the sound from the door, protecting your walls from unnecessary damage and reducing the noise.
  • The self-adhesive surface is durable enough for daily use — no worry about falling off.
  • Safe and friendly, ugreen door bumper guard has no peculiar smell, not including any lead, mercury, cadmium, or formaldehyde material.

Verified Amazon Customer Review

I installed these as soon as I got them; here are my thoughts so far:


  • Feels nice, looks beautiful, doesn’t appear to develop creases from repeated impacts into the rubber.
  • Love the size
  • When doorknobs slam into this, it absorbed the blows very well. Bear in mind that my doors are not heaving or solid by any means. They are your standard doors for closets and bedrooms. I would buy a wider one (5″) for spreading the impact on a wall for more massive doors (unless over a stud, then I wouldn’t worry about damage occurring).


  • Item is small in diameter so that a substantial impact might blow a hole through 1/2″ drywall (sheetrock). Mine did flex when impacted, but as I said, my doors are light, and my wall studs are on 16″ centers. I am not too worried about it with these light doors, though. I would be if it were my front door or a solid door.
  • Careful with peeling the tape off of the backing. It can rip off like mine started to. I was able to rotate it around to a different edge and finish peeling it off with relative ease.

Doorknob stopper specification

  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Thickness: 17.5mm
  • Quantity: 2 door stoppers

Important note

  1. The surface of this door handle protector is not smooth.
  2. Remember to wash and dry the wall first before you stick the product on the wall.

Manufacturer warranty

  • Ugreen door handle bumper two-pack wall protector self-adhesive is backed with 18 months warranty and friendly customer service support.

Door Knob Stopper

Door Knob Stopper

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