Drain Stopper

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It was larger than I thought, but that wasn’t a problem. I got this because my built-in plug leaks and I like long baths. The silicone is softer than the more plastic ones I’ve owned, and that works far better. I don’t understand how people are having trouble with it staying put. I can’t even imagine how. Since it works with suction, perhaps they need to clean out their drain to make more suction? That’s all I can think of. I would highly recommend it. (Don’t know about the durability yet as I’ve only used it twice.)

Slapped one of these babies on over the top of the drain and no more leaks. Flexible silicone molds great to the tub and sticks kind of like a suction cup. Excellent product.

Product description

Are you still using the old tub stopper kit? Now, please try the new silicone tub stopper!

It can widely use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, more convenient! Food grade silicone, non-toxic, BPA Free, the tub cover are washable, durable, and flexible. Pack of 2 different colors, you can use them for the separate sink. It with excellent suction and stops the water from draining out of the bathtub. Large size, 6″ cover creates a good seal so that you can soak your dishes for a long time with no leakage, which effectively reduces your water waste.

A buyer said, “If you live in Florida, you need something like this when you fill the tub with water ahead of the approaching hurricane. You don’t want to leave your emergency water supply at the mercy of some mechanical drain plug, where it will trickle away over the days you’re without power and water. This is a sure seal. Be prepared.”

Now, your search is over. Get this popular product for your family and friends!


  • Large, Universal Fit: Diameter 6 inches Tub Stopper use in the kitchen, Bathtub and Laundry.
  • Packs of 2, White and Gray Soft rubber sink cover, washbasin drain stopper.
  • Sealed correctly, the flat cap will not get into the drain so that it won’t get moldy.
  • Silicone materials won’t hurt kids and easy to clean.
  • Your search is over; get the best sink stopper replacement for your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

Drain Stopper

Drain Stopper

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