Floor Corker


Floor Corker

If this was your first try at corking, and this little red Portuguese floor corker made it a straightforward, almost fun experience. The corker will certainly last your lifetime if I don’t fall over it or run over it with your jeep. One nut puts it all together. Simple inserting a cork in a bottle (and I use the larger #9 corks that were DRY) is comfortable with this corker. It slips them into the bottle as you push down on the handle. If you ever felt any resistance whatsoever, you just “jiggled” the handle a tad, and the cork slid right on in. For someone corking 5-100 bottles at a time, you don’t think you’d go wrong with this corker. Naturally, it’s not a commercial-grade machine, but for a severe hobbyist, it should be celebrated. Those are the “Pros” that come to mind.

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Now here are two “Cons” that I’ve run into about this corker. Both can overcome and no biggie.

The first one is the nut that attaches the small cross-leg frame to the mainframe. It is just that a nut. I had read in some other descriptions of similar corkers where they had a wing-nut to attach the cross-leg frame with which would mean the assembly would not require any tools. Being as this is a nut, you need a ratchet/socket or some wrench to snug the nut up. You can’t get it tight enough, doing it with your fingers. I may take the nut to Lowes or HD and match a wing-nut up to it. Then no more tools needed.

The second “Con” is in regard to the depth-gauge nut/flange that sets how far the cork place into the bottle. The nut tends to move freely and will drift off from where you set it. With mine, this caused a couple of corks to be set a touch deeper than I wanted. I caught it quickly enough and readjusted it. Before I cork more bottles (gotta make some more wine first!!), I’m going to wrap the threads of the plunger with Teflon tape so that the nut won’t move freely as it currently does. It will still be able to be adjusted but shouldn’t move on its own anymore with the tape in place.

I could have knocked a star off for the assembly nut and the depth-gauge nut, but they’re not deal-breakers or reason to diminish the worth of this corker in inserting corks in bottles. It does that exceedingly well, and you can use #9 corks with ease. I know I’ll never regret this purchase and glad I bought it early on in my winemaking.


  • Rolled steel construction.
  • Plastic dies compress cork.
  • Works on all straight corks up to #9.
  • This is a great Corker.
  • Adjustable plunger depth.


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