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Best Floor Couch In 2021!

If you want a floor couch called a folding sofa-bed, it will take a tiny space with comfortable to use. Here is this floor couch that can you say you get what you want. It looks very classy and modern so that you can use it everywhere. If you have a track, you can take it as a nighttime bed wherever you go. The fabric is soft and cozy. Easy to adjust, and it has The back supports itself in the middle of the room and does not need to lean against the wall.

It is folding easily and is a piece of beautiful furniture for any room. This floor sofa is the perfect solution for a gaming room or guest room. It’s an excellent quality product that looks great and it is the most comfortable couch. Kids sit on it to play video games, and it could be a mattress for an overnight guest. Right out of the package, it’s completely folded up like how you would store it. To change the position for the back, you would have to unlock it first. There is no latch, so to do this, you have to push it down as hard as you can, and you will hear a click. You should be able to lift it now. You can use force to bend it.

About this item

Flexible Recline Angle: The backrest of this floor sofa couch has six tilt positions with an adjusting range from 90°to 180°.It is effortless for you to find a perfect relaxing place while reading books, watching TV, or playing video games during your leisure time.

Foldable Design: Three parts of this sofa can be folded into one, saving much of your storage space to a great extent. What more, the half head part of the couch is also adjustable to serve you better cervical vertebra protection while lying on the sofa bed and playing phone or reading.

Most Complete Experience: The surface is made of composite suede, which is skin-friendly and durable enough to serve for years. The soft and cozy seat provides you with a comfortable long-period experience. Besides, two soft pillows allow you to relax your neck or lumbar vertebra.

Build for Everlasting Service: Constructed of a premium steel frame, it is strong enough to support your body without the need of leaning against the wall at the back. Stuffed with a high-quality sponge, this sofa is thick, elastic, and not easy to deform. The bearing capacity of this floor couch is up to 330 lbs.

The necessity for Modern Life: From upright position to flat position, it can be served as a sofa or a bed to meet your different requirements. Suede texture makes it look superior and chic, perfectly matching your bedroom, living room, reading room, etc.

You deserve a cozy floor couch for relaxation in this busy era!

Compared with the conventional sofa design, this floor sofa has made a breakthrough and featured a foldable design. What’s more, with a premium steel frame inside the couch. The backrest can be adjusted at six positions within 90°to 180°, which allows it to transform from the sofa into a bed. Without leaning against the wall at the back. It is still strong enough to support your body. The bearing capacity is up to 330 lbs. To invite your family or friends to enjoy the beautiful time with you!


  • Adjustable backrest allows you to find a perfect tilt angle.
  • Comfortable sofa cushion with a skin-friendly composite suede surface.
  • A Premium steel frame makes it strong enough to support your body.
  • Foldable design makes it easy to move and store.
  • Wide application to serve as sofa and bed.


Color: Gray

Material: Steel +Sponge + Composite suede

Flat Dimension: 71” x 44.5” x 5.5” (L x Wx H)

Upright SofaDimension: 48” x 44.5” x 23” (L x Wx H)

Net Weight: 25 lbs

Bearing Capacity:330 lbs

Package includes:

1 x Adjustable Floor Sofa

Why You Choose Our Adjustable floor couch?

  1. Designed with adjustable backrest for flexible recline angle.
  2. Soft and thick sofa cushions for a comfortable experience.

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