Garden Twine

Garden Twine

The color of garden twines enough to see. You can wash off easily twine. You can use the garden twine to tie up vegetables in the garden onto supports. The string is soft enough that you haven’t had trouble with stems being cut by it. You had some other cord that turned itself into a ball of knots is better. You can string up more plants in your high tunnel.

This garden twine is beautiful, durable, easy to tie and easy to cut, and perfect for your plants. The company or store that sells it was great, and the product was delivered fast without incident, and the garden twine is handy. You are looking to buy the perfect gift for a gardener, then look no garden twine. I have recommended it.

Product description

Tin O’ Twine is an all-time original, iconic & authentic Nutscene item. The tin o’ twine keeps your twine tangle-free, safe, and dry. The design of the ‘Tin O’ Twine’ label comes from the original Nutscene archive circa 1940. It Includes 492 feet of soft, pliable, and robust GREEN 3-strand garden jute twine. Tin measures 4.5in high and 3in diameter. Has a hole in the lid to dispense the string. Nutscene has been involved in the manufacturing and processing of jute garden twines since 1922. First produced in Dundee, Scotland, the birthplace of the jute industry. Today Nutscene operates out of a small mill yard in the heart of Angus. Scotland and still winds their twines using the same machinery first used in 1922. The Nutscene name is derived from their world-renowned green garden jute twine, which. When tied around the plant cannot be seen, thus “Not Seen” – ‘Nutscene.‘

  • The unique makeup of each spool prevents tangles and ensures a smooth running supply to the hand
  • Hole in the lid helps easily dispense the twine
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Perfect gift for a gardener
  • Strong 3 ply Jute Twine
  • Green color blends into surroundings
  • Natural jute is eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable
  • The handy dispenser can with a cutter for easy use and storage
  • Many methods in the garden or around the home
  • From Rap clip – The Leaders in Garden and Home Accessories
  • Natural 3 ply jute
  • Convenient dispenser
  • Great for use in the garden
  • Easy storage
  • Green Color

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