Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter

This Glass Cutter a beautiful little kit for DIY. These arrive in a rather bland packaging. However, it works reasonably well, and it also secures comfortably to hold in your hand. The additional size blades are helpful to have an easy to change. Came with a dropper for the oil. Glass Cutter comes with a case to keep it all together.

This glass cutter very well built. It is super durable and can handle many jobs with ease. The handle has a too good grip, so it’s perfect. When you need, press it down on a thicker glass without slipping. There are different sizes for different thicknesses of glass. It can cut mirrors, windows, stained glass, etc. this is a must-have tool for DIY. If you are a DIY fan and also know some craft, you need this product to cut glasses for your project. The oil part was something new with this tool, and it stands out from the rest because you can cut with a precise cut without chipping the glass.

It included three kinds of a roller, and you can cut 2~6, 6~12, and 12~20mm thick of glass or tile. The line on the glass or clay and then put something backside of glass or tile as a bump under the line, push left and right hand‘s force to both ends, finally you‘ll get a straight line.

Product description

Long-Lasting Glass Cutter

Glass tool kit with carbide alloy cutting blade which is made to last. The sharp blade specially designs for precise cutting. It’s perfect for cutting range of 2-6/6-12/12-20mm. 2 Bonus blades for glass cutting with various thicknesses.

Easy to Use

The cutter tool is ideal for household & cutting work. The metal handle is non-slip and ensures a firm grip to reduce wrist fatigue. Cutter tools are stylish pencil design to provide comfort and fantastic performance for the user.

Compact and Lightweight

The mosaic tool is lightweight and compact to carry up. It could be tucked to handbags or slipped to your pocket freely.

Verified Amazon Customer Review

When my wife bought this glass cutter, I didn’t even know what it was. We are remodeling our house now, so she wished I would finish replacing the windows. Actually, she was right. I changed the whole windows in our home. The glass cutter is easy to use. After I tried a few times, I could work well. And look at the glass smoothly. I told my wife I would find a job as cutting the glass.

Features and Benefits

Durable Cutting Tools: The glass cutter adopts an ultra-strong diamond carbide blade with solid hardness and sharp cutting to guarantee smooth operation. It suits for 2-6/6-12/12-20mm glass cutting.

Ergonomical & Non-slip Cutter: Non-slip metal handle combines ergonomics design enables comfortable holding and labor-saving for better customer experience. The cutter is threaded to ensure slip-resistant. 2 blades and screwdriver included for cut glass with different thicknesses.

Round Metal Tapping Head: The metal head made of premium steel, wear-resistant, and well polished. It could be used to strike glass after cutting or put it under the glass scratch and split the glass.

Compact Glass Cutter Tool: The glass scoring tool is lightweight and portable for easy carry and go. It could be slipped into your backpack or packed at anytime and anywhere, which should add to your collection. Order with 100% confidence now!

Versatile Glass Bottle Cutter: It’s perfect for cutting stained glass, and other craft and household uses. A must-have cutter tool for DIY projects. It suits for mirrors, windows, glass shelves, stained glass cutting, etc.


  1. When cutting glass, the blade should stick close to the ruler, and the handle and glass should keep at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Glass cutter can’t cut high hardness objects, such as toughened glass, vitrified brick, marble, quartz, etc.
  3. Please operate on a flat surface or desktop. It’s better to try several times on a scrap piece of glass for practice.

Please remember to protect your eye and hand before using the cutting tools.

Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter, from amazon

Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter, from amazon

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