Gothic Lingerie

Gothic Lingerie

Get this gothic lingerie for you or your friend/girlfriend, and size is available for anyone. It’s adjustable, and the leg straps were not tight. You get it high up your waist and as of right as you could. We will have to put extra holes in this for it to fit your thighs. This lingerie would provide everyone better with a small, medium, chubby frame.

The quality of the leather was good, though. It was better quality than your expectations. You feel comfortable to walk around. The waistband fit you snug on the first hole. This lingerie could easily fit anyone who is more considerable. Lots of extra, so if you’re smaller than no need to add more holes or wear it at your hips. We hope your experience gives you a pleasant memory of your purchase!

Since you are shorter or taller, no matter what you are. You could go on it comfortable squeezing your thigh in there if it hasn’t run out of the strap. You feel like you maxed out and got lucky with this. It wasn’t too heavy, and it is a picture. You will buy more, knowing you just barely made it fitting this.

Easy to adjust and stay up too well. If you have thicker, muscular thighs and the sections stop slipping downward. It was straightforward to keep having to readjust them upwards. Anytime you sat down or bent the wrong way. They wouldn’t move again, or a strap would not get turned around wrong.

You can wear gothic lingerie for music festivals. At this point, you may be wondering if you wear it for hours on end at a festival, but it looks super cool. You love it, and you had to cut the straps. Some were long after buckling, but it’s perfect. If you are a dancer, you will use this weekend, hoping they will last! They are pretty strong, though.

Okay, so it looked cool, and you are comfortable standing up and moving at all. The material has zero stretches. So have fun bending over, sitting down, riding a bike, or even walking around. You’ll have to adjust, pull it up continually, and smooth over marks where it was too tight, and so on.

Material: Strap

Size: One size, adjustable the buckles as your body size can work as accessories to match with your different kinds of panties.

Use Occasions: Fetish, Club, Party, Dance, And Festival Rave Wear.


  • The harness garter belt is an inspired accessory.
  • It is a unique artistic design.
  • This Perfect show punk.

Gothic Lingerie

Gothic Lingerie, from amazon

Gothic Lingerie

Gothic Lingerie, from amazon

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