Greek Letter Stencils

Greek Letter Stencils

These greek letter stencils work amazingly for the project you can order for that. We hope your cousin & sisters were so excited about their paddle. The set is perfect for the Greek letter for Sigma. Buy these stencils to use at an international festival in a school setting. The students love them and were tracing letters. There is a lot of fun learning different foreign languages alphabet. They are not flimsy or cheap quality. You will use them again and again. 4 inch greek letter stencils printable for reuse.  These all letters are printable greek letters.

Features and Benefits

  • Reusable Greek Letter Stencil kits that include all 24 Greek Letters.
  • Stencils can use on various surfaces: wood, paper, fabric brick, etc.
  • Works great for scrapbooking, posters, and other arts and crafts projects.
  • Kit contains all 24 letters of the Greek Alphabet.

The packages sizes are available in

  • 2 Inch.
  • 3 Inch.
  • 4 Inch.
  • 5 Inch.
  • 6 Inch.
Greek Letter Stencils

Greek Letter Stencils, from amazon

Directions for Use are printed on the back of the package. Each greek alphabet stencils measures 4 x 4 Inch, and each letter is approximately 3 inches tall.

Use greek letters stencils for shirts or decorate any surface walls, wood, fabric, etc. Easy to use professional results.  Made of durable, reusable oil board Product PROUDLY Made in the USA

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