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Handmade Soap Cutter Amazon

Of course, it depends on how big you like to cut your soap.

Handmade soap cutter box which can be used to cut soaps and other soft things. Made of pine wood material, durable and reliable to use. Adjustable front board, convenient for you to adjust the length of soaps. Equipped with a balancing apparatus and a cutting wire, more accurate. Easy to clean and safe to operate and heat resistance.

Perfect for a beginner with this DIY soap cutter. Beautiful quality silicone mold. Be patient when trying to get the pattern out of the box the first five or so times you use it. Gets the job done. This is precisely what you need, perfect. It worked perfectly and exactly how it’s supposed to. It will be getting a couple more of these. As a newbie in soap making, It was extremely relieved and impressive with the ease of use with this wooden soap cutter. You have no problem with release. Soap went into molds well with a few firm taps to help settle and came out with nice sharp edges. We do recommend this product.

If you use this a couple of times and your biggest gripes are with getting the giant block of soap out of it for cutting. It is easy to remove the silicone from the solidified soap. It is much easier if you separate it from the sides. The silicone and pushing the whole thing out. It stresses the corners of the mold, and it generally keeps the shape.

Each can make one 900g soap.

The heat-resistant temperature is -40°C to 230°C, use for microwave heating, oven baking, non-direct contact flame cooking, and refrigeration and freezing. These homemade soap cutters can reuse, with a soft texture, a variety of styles, easy to release, easy to clean. Cut the soap or cake into different shapes with scraper and cutter and use heat shrink bags to save and wrap. It can use to make cakes, soaps, puddings, chocolates, and a wide range of uses.

  • WOODEN BOX SIZE: 6*3.1*3.2 in (27*7.8*8.2cm),
  • SILICON MOLD: 9.7*2.2*2.8 in (24.6*5.5*7cm); large mold, large capacity.
  • THEY ARE MATCHING GIFTS FOR BEGINNERS: straight plastic scraper: 5.3*3.7 inches, stainless steel wave cutter: 7.4*4.6 inches, 100 PVC heat shrink bags: 4*6 inches, for beginners to cut soap or bread into different shapes, to package and store.
  • SAFE: Food grade silicone mold, heat resistant temperature is -40 degrees Celsius to +230 degrees Celsius, reusable, easy to clean, solid wooden box, convenient for fixing and releasing.
  • USES: It can be used to make long strips of soap, cake, bread, cut into different shapes with wave cutter and straight scraper, and packaged and stored with heat shrink bags, making gift-giving more straightforward and more convenient.
  • COLOR SELECTION: silicone molds with two colors, pink and purple, can be used at the same time for easy differentiation.

Handmade Soap Cutter

Handmade Soap Cutter, From amazon

Product description

Detail Info:

Food-Grade (FDA Standard)
Color: As the picture show.
Before or after use. Please clean the silicone mold in warm soapy water and dry it. (Except for stainless steel and wood material products).

Size & Color Tips:

Color & Style representation may vary by monitor.
Pictures can’t represent actual size, and please check size or dimension info before place orders. Some is “cm” not “inch”, 1inch=2.54cm.

Product Using Notice:

Keep the baking temperature below 230 Celsius Degrees ( For silicone product)
Not suitable for baking on the fire directly
Suggest placing the silicone mold on a baking sheet for more comfortable positioning and removal

Stored Condition:

The product is suitable for preservation in a dark, cold, dry condition place.

Package Length – 27cm.

Package Width – 7.8cm.

Package Height – 8.2cm.

Package includes:

  • 1 purple silicone mold.
  • 1 pink silicone mold.
  • 2 pine wooden boxes.
  • 1 white plastic straight scraper.
  • 1 stainless steel wave cutter.
  • 100 PVC heat shrink bags.

Handmade Soap Cutter

Handmade Soap Cutter, From amazon

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