Heel Caps


Heel Caps

You have so many heels that you’ve worn down to the nail. You walk a lot where you work, and I guess you just wear them down fast. These heel covers have saved your shoes. Please read a few reviews about them falling off, but I am sure you don’t see how they would. Put a drop of superglue in there anyway, just in case.

Verified Amazon Customer Review

I can’t believe I never thought of searching for a product like this before, for the twelve pairs of heels that I have sitting around waiting for shoe repair- let alone finding something! These quick tips are fantastic and will save me a bundle in time and money instead of hauling my shoes to the inconvenient shoe repair shop. I am so impressed. They fit well. For a point of reference, I will say that the xs size is a perfect fit for my all beautiful easy-step black heels; and the small size is an ideal fit for my nine west ones. I think it will be a close call for those deciding on size between xs and s, but I used the measurement guide on the product page before ordering and managed close accuracy.

Please try these, and you will not be sorry! Also, high in those emergencies when you lose your heel tip right before an important date or job interview!

Features and Benefits

Made in the USA

COVERS METAL NAIL: Instantly repairs worn heel tips. The cap covers the exposed metal nail — Stops the clicking noise & minimizes slipping.

INSTANT SHOE REPAIR & HEEL PROTECTOR: Perfect if you don’t live near a shoe repair shop. Cap prevents further damage to your heel. It protects your shoes from daily wear & tear. Apply on newer heels to avoid tips of rubber from wearing down.

DISCREET & DURABLE: Easy to apply and discreetly blends with any heel shape. It is made from high-performance, flexible material for long-lasting wear and designed to cover the exposed metal nail.

AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES (7-15mm): See photos for Sizing Guide. It fits all heel shapes, including U-shaped, round, triangle, and square. Small is the most popular size.

INCLUDES 2 PAIRS: Total of 4 heel caps. If you’re unsure of your heel size, we recommend getting our 4 PAIR MULTIPACK & then reordering specific sizes.

Repair & protect your worn heel tips instantly with QUICK TIPS Slip-On Heel Caps. Reliable yet flexible, these heel caps slip over your worn heel tip to cover the exposed metal nail. Swiftly stops the clicking & moving on the nail. It includes two pairs of heel caps (4 heel caps total).


The extra-flexible opening stretches to allow a tight fit. Apply tight-fitting caps at an angle.


Tapered to smoothly contour to any heel shape for a seamless & secure fit.


  • Treads on the bottom of the cap provide additional traction to help prevent slipping.
  • Instant Repair for Worn Heels & Clicking Heel Tips.
  • Perfect for those without a nearby shoe repair shop.
  • Use in-between shoe repairs to avoid overbearing and damaging your heel tips.
  • Unlike other brands, QUICK TIPS’s patented design works over an exposed metal nail.
  • This everyday heel protector for newer shoes to prevent worn heel tips.
  • It patented and other patents pending.
  • Designed to Cover the Metal Nail.


Heel Caps are made from a flexible, tear-resistant material built to handle the exposed metal nail. Our patented design allows it to glide over your heels without damaging your shoe fabric smoothly. The top of the cap is flexible and stretches when applying to allow a tight, contoured fit.

The bottom of the cap is reinforced with extra layers of our proprietary, tear-resistant rubber to handle hard walking & severely worn heel tips.

Fore Sizes & Two Colors

TWO COLORS: Black & Taupe colors blend seamlessly with any heel fabric.

FORE SIZES: Fits heel widths 7-15 mm. Works with any heel shape.

X-Small: 7-9 mm

Small: 9-11 mm

Medium: 11-13 mm

Large: 13-15 mm

See above photos for How to Measure Heel


If your heel is between sizes, choose the smaller size. There should be no room between the heel and the cap. If you’re unsure of sizes, we recommend getting our 4-pair multipack and reordering specific sizes later.


Heel Caps


Heel Caps


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