Heel Protectors


Heel Protectors

You may try this weekend at an outdoor wedding with an indoor reception. They were amazing! Kept them on all night. First, you walk outside in thick grass, and the wedding photos take in a “mushy” grassy area. You didn’t sink even a little bit. It was fantastic. Your heels were fabulous if you decided to leave them on for the rest of the night since they make your heels more stable and comfortable. So glad if you try them. It was showing them off to the other ladies. Plus, everyone loved the look of them. Very feminine.

Features and Benefits

PREVENTS SINKING: Stops high heels from sinking into Grass, Gravel, Cobblestone, Grates, Wooden Decks, Sidewalk Cracks, and other soft/uneven surfaces.

PERFECT FOR WEDDINGS: Ideal for Outdoor Weddings, Graduations, Day at the Races, Housewarming Parties, and Everyday Wear. Bright rubber blends with any heel color. Fits all heel shapes.

DURABLE HEEL PROTECTOR: Made from high-performance, flexible material. The bottom is reinforced with extra layers to handle all-day walking & multiple reuses without warping or breaking.

STABILIZES HEEL: Wide base increases walking surface area by 3-10x. Makes walking in heels more stable & comfortable. The easy-glide design allows smooth application without damaging your heel fabric.

AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES: For heel widths 6-13 mm. See Photos for Sizing Chart and heel protector measurements. It is made in the USA.


Protects your high heels from sinking into Grass, Gravel, Cobblestone, Brick, Wood Decks, Carpet, Sidewalk cracks, and other soft or uneven surfaces. Discreetly contours to any heel shape and slips on/off without damaging your heel fabric. It provides at least 3-10x more surface area than your heel tip to ensure stable walking on any unsupportive surface. Perfect for outdoor weddings. Keeps heels clean and damage-free during outdoor events. Available in 4 sizes. Includes one pair of STOPPERS Heel Protectors. Patented and other patents pending.

Fits Better & Lasts Longer

  • The flexible opening stretches when applying a heel protector to allow a tight, contoured fit.
  • The bottom is reinforced with extra layers that prevent warping & breaking.  The thicker base provides extra durability so that it can reuse over & over again.
  • Stabilizes heel by increasing your walking surface area by 3-10x.
  • 360° protection prevents it from climbing up your heel. Blocks dirt stains & scrapes.
  • Highly Transparent for extra discreet wear. Virtually unnoticeable in the grass.

Easy-Glide Design

Our heel protectors are made from a robust and flexible material that’s designed to stretch and smoothly slide over your heels. Patent-pending design makes it safe & easy to apply on your heels. Glides on without damaging your shoe fabric & safely grips your heel.

Available in 4 Sizes (fits any heel shape):

  • XX-Small: 6-7 mm.
  • X-Small: 7-9 mm.
  • Small: 9-11 mm.
  • Medium: 11-13 mm.


Heel Protectors


Heel Protectors


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