Kids Punching Bag

Best Kids Punching Bag Heavy Boxing With Training Gloves In 2021!

This Kids Punching Bag and gloves are excellent. Good quality, pretty much exactly what you are looking for. It is sturdy and durable to take a beating from your child, and the gloves are perfect. You can fill with a 3″ PVC pipe in the middle filled with sand. A pillow stuffed in the bottom. It surrounds the tube with 5-6 old king-size sheets, and it’s a perfect weight for your kids. This children’s punching bag was exactly as described and arrived quickly and intact. Excellent quality and your child gave you a big bear hug. It’s soft enough for 5-10-year-olds small bones and smells good.

You also get these and an extra pair of gloves for your 5 & 7yr old boys and girls. This is a positive way to release some negative or built-up energy, and they love it. This one is safe to punch and not get in trouble! Good quality. You will found a mounting system on amazon that mounts to the wall in your garage, good purchase for boys and girls if they want to learn how to defend themselves.

The quality of this punching bag for kids and gloves are super. If you just wanted a small punching bag for your kid’s room, then this the right choice for you. The bag and the gloves are well made. It looks and feels like the one you use on your workout sessions but smaller.

  • Twinned layer non-tear Maya Hide Leather Technology.
  • UNFILLED Kids Punching bag is 2ft High (3ft including chains) with 28cm diameter.
  • Comes with 6oz training bag gloves & a Hanging chain.
  • Zip top design, which allows you to change the filling as you require.
  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction makes these gloves stubbornly durable and long-lasting.

Shredded Textile Filling

The filling provides No Tear, and exclusive material helps this product take the severest of hits and still last long with you without getting deformed.

Zip Top Closure

This design provides maximum fill potential that helps the bag to maintain solidity. It allows you to make the bag heavier for a more grueling, high-intensity workout.

Hanging Straps

High grade hanging straps are the best due to their outstanding holding strength; they can endure maximum weight without tearing apart.


  1. Maya Hide Leather.
  2. Shredded Textile Material.
  3. Zip Top Design.
  4. Steel Chains / Nylon Strap.
  5. Maya Hide Leather Gloves.
  6. Junior Jack PU-Mold.
  7. Steel S-Rings.
  8. Reinforced Stitching.

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