Magnetic Chuck

Best Magnetic Chuck In 2021!

After much research, We chose this magnetic chuck based on cost and intended use, which is surface grinding small knife blades and parts. Seems well made and holds parts adequately. Quite a bit cheaper than others listed. We highly recommend this magnetic chuck.

This magnetic chuck was perfectly flat. It holds any steel you put on it very well. Only time will tell how it performs in the future.

About this item

  • 6” x 12” fine pole magnetic chuck.
  • Pole size: 0.70″; Spacing: 27/32 ; Steel pole spacing: 1/16″ ; Brass pole spacing: 1/32″.
  • Can be drilled or machined to a depth equal to the thickness of the top plate minus 1/ 16.”.
  • The top plate is furnace brazed, making a solid, one-piece unit; Sealed against dirt and liquid; Removable handle; Handle moves easily to turn chuck on or off.
  • Quantity: 1 ; Weight: 35 lbs ; Overall dimension: 6”L x 12”W x 1-3/4”.

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