Memory Pillow

Memory Pillow

Before purchasing this Memory Pillow, You must read the reviews that said how hard/stiff the pillow is. Look, if you’re searching for a neck pillow and you need something with support. You buy a cheap pillow, and it was ok for a while, but slowly, you realized it wasn’t helping and was extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. This pillow is AMAZING. You can relax on your side comfortably. The first night you used it, you slept through the night for the first time in you don’t know how long and woke up with zero neck pain. This is worth every penny. It is the most comfortable squishy pillow ever.

If you have neck pain and migraine headaches and you may buy this pillow to replace an older contour pillow. The shaping in the middle is very comfortable, and your neck gets a lot of relief from this product. The included slipcover is cozy and neat.

This pillow is a DREAM for anyone who has chronic neck pain, likes to sleep on one dominate side, or tends to flip from side to side through the night. It is also FIRM. So you need something on the softer side. This pillow is not for you. But if you need FIRM support and enjoy waking up to some fine deep cracks in the neck that realign your neck and shoulders, then get this pillow! You love the curve built-in for the neck, and both sides keep the support no matter how contorted your body gets throughout the night. Worth the money, and for a memory pillow, it’s practically Tempurpedic. LOVE THIS PILLOW.

Are you tired of sleeping with the pillows that not right for you? Then treat yourself with EPABO contour memory form pillow with better night sleep promise.

Why is it so hard to find the perfect pillow?

  • Down pillows are usually too warm to trap in moistures to cause odor and bacteria growth.
  • Regular fiber filling pillows lack support
  • Other memory form pillows suffer from heat buildup from lack of airflow and inability to adjust from how it comes molded.

The Contour Memory Foam Pillow by EPABO:

LUXURY SLEEPING PILLOW – Provides therapeutic relief for all sleepers and neck pain, you will wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to take the day. It is the premium fabric to keep you fresh and comfortable throughout the night.

ERGONOMIC – Proven contour design correctly supports and aligns your head, neck, shoulder, and back. You will fall asleep faster and more profound. You can experience some discomfort during the first two weeks while your body is trying to adjust to the correct position. Try it for a new level of comfort, whether you are back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper.

QUALITY MATERIAL – Breathable memory form provides better air circulation to keep you cool and dry. Our hypoallergenic rayon/polyester proprietary blend pillowcase feels silky soft and smooth while provides dust mite protection. All material is chemical-free for better health.

20% MORE FORM – Compare to similar priced and sized pillows, ours is stuffed with 20% more memory form to enhance your comfort experience.

EASY TO CARE & KEEP CLEAN – A net jacket encases the pillow with a high-quality side zipper. Remove the inner core from the pillowcase before wash. Do not wash the memory form. Pillowcase is machine washable. Tumble dry at a low setting to ensure unaltered comfort. Upon arrival, the pillow might have a non-toxic scent caused by the manufacturing process, and it will dissipate upon unpacking.

SAFETY – All material is chemical-free for better health. This is a King Size pillow, 4” high and highly support, not support purchase for low pillow sleepers.

100% WORRY FREE – We are so confident in the quality of our pillow, and we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with it for any reason, contact us to return the product for a full refund.

What’s In The Box?

  1. 1 x EPABO Bamboo Fiber Bed Pillow – Hand or Machine wash (Max. water temperature 104°F/ 40°C), don’t wash the memory foam core!
  2. SIZE: 24” × 15” × 4.7”/2.4” (Queen) Weight: 2.8IB

Important Notice:

This pillow is soft but firm, and you can experience some discomfort during the first two weeks while your body is trying to adjust to the correct position.

Memory Pillow

Memory Pillow

Memory Pillow

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