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This metal wallpaper was surprisingly thick, looks real, and sticks well for your dishwasher once it was clean all the way. It was effortless to install. Overall looks and feels great. It takes some time, contact paper is always delicate, and some pieces had to redo, but the end product looks great.

Great Metal Wallpaper. You can use it to cover the top of two shelving units in your classroom. It’s thicker than the contact paper. This wallpaper is super easy to position and reposition as well. When covering long runs of space, we would suggest pulling the backing off as you go to make it easier. Great product if you buy this to put on a countertop in your kitchen. It looks beautiful worked out excellent easy to put on very satisfied.

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There is nothing wrong to say about these metal wallpaper. They are simply breathtaking and even more gorgeous. Definitely, worth the money PLUS, the installation was super easy. You may be ordering more of these tiles shortly for another project. Purchase for the surface areas of a cabinet. If you need something heat resistant, these tiles are beautiful, easy to install, and you couldn’t be happier.

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Very pretty, easy to use. We wish it were a little easier to cut curves, etc. through the metal wallpaper. Very prompt service and excellent selection and price compared with local stores. The tile is finally going up in your kitchen, and it goes beautifully with your cabinets. It also appears to be easy to work around electrical outlets and the like because it can be removed and placed piece by piece.

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If you chose the champagne color for your inspired kitchen, this peel and stick backsplash suppose to be a temporary solution until you could afford a proper remodel. But you can use it for almost two years. Your guests impressive as well. Installation was straightforward, patient, and work slowly. Use a heat gun on the low setting to carefully move the errant tiles in place.

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The foil came off of 2 tiles when we removed the protective s Plastic. The adhesive works so well that we had no way of taking them off without pulling the drywall paper off. It was impossible to get a streamlined fit between any of the wallpaper. It looks better than having nasty walls. You can gut and remodel the kitchen. Who knows when that’s going to be. Life has to live with a sloppy, cheap look.

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