Natural Jute Twine

Natural Jute Twine

The Jute Twine was fine. It was exactly what you were looking for, really. The reason why you gave it three stars was the moment you took the plastic wrap off. You can craft a desk, and it just slowly stank up the room. Using natural jute twine part of a Christmas craft project that is being sent to ALL your family. You washed it. The Natural Jute Twine seems fine and would probably be great if you’re working outdoors with it and using it for gardening. This jute twine for wrapping Christmas gifts and hanging Christmas ornaments. This jute twine manufacturer marinated it in a tank of gas. Left it outside on your balcony in the sun, wind, and rain for two solid weeks. I recommend for any indoor craft projects. You could smell this awful chemical smell.

About the product

  • String diameter φ: 1 mm.2 Ply Natural twine grip tightly.
  • KINGLAKE Twine Only Sold by Klatch Store, Beware of other sellers sold the different items.
  • Perfect thickness, lightweight. Best use in Arts and Crafts wrapping gifts and gardening.
  • Packed on a coil, and it is very convenient and Made of High-quality jute. Good touch feeling.
  • Use the jute twine to wrap around glasses and favors for a wedding shower, decorate wine bottles.
  • Perfect for craft projects. Christmas Gift Twine.
  • Fast Shipping from USA.100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and friendly customer service.

Perfect Thickness
String diameter φ: 1 mm

Material: Natural Jute Twine

Enough Length
It is long enough to use
You can cut freely according to the length you want.

Fast Shipping
Package: 1x jute twine
Fast Shipping from the USA

Natural Jute Twine

Natural Jute Twine

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