Nitrogen Regulator

Best Nitrogen Regulator In 2021!

There is no wrong side to this nitrogen regulator. It will hold the output pressure asset. The nitrogen regulator has to rotate and adjust the handle. The t handle not so hard to turn, and you have to hold the cylinder to make sure you won’t do anything terrible turning it. You can get it very quickly to use for your work. This co2 regulator is suitable for heavy-duty construction also for home use.

This nitrogen regulator is best for Regular works. This high-pressure nitrogen regulator worked great. This one for the home gamer has a nitro or inert gas cylinder and will likely only be used now and again and will work for that fine if the thing holds air and works the first time, then. It will work and be safe for a long while. As an HVAC company, we use a lot of nitrogen to keep refrigerant lines clean. This nitrogen tank regulator is the right product, and we would recommend it to everyone.

This Regulator is a durable brass piston-designed diaphragm Nitrogen Regulator with a Delivery Pressure of 0-4000 PSI for purging and pressure testing air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Regulator with CGA580 inlet connection, 1/4 inch male flare outlet connection, self-reseating relief valve (not designed to protect the downstream system). It’s easy to read 2-inch Contents Gauge 0-4000 PSI (Part No. G7SD) and Delivery Gauge 0-600 PSI (Part No. G8SD) with protective rubber gauge boots (Part No. GB20S). For smooth, accurate delivery pressure adjustment, a large brass Tee Handle with stainless steel pressure adjusts the screw and regulator bushing that prevents galling.

About this item

  • CGA580 Inlet Connection, 1/4 Inch Male Flare Outlet Connection and Easy to Read 2 Inch Gauges with Protective Rubber Gauge Boots.
  • Nitrogen Regulator, Delivery Pressure 0-4000 PSI.
  • The durable brass piston-designed diaphragm, self-re-seating relief valve (not designed to protect downstream system).
  • Large brass Tee Handle with stainless steel pressure adjusting screw and regulator bushing that prevents galling.

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