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Best Paper Bowls In 2021!

The best paper bowls you have ever seen in the market. They don’t have these in the stores. At least you can’t find them. These are awesome. They hold 20 great ounces, and these bowls are very durable. You can fill the bowl up with water for your pet, and the water won’t leak through the bottom. Other bowls that leak horribly. They flatten out like a paper plate. But these don’t. These are the dream of bowls.

Dixie Ultra paper plates and paper bowls will handle your heaviest meals, whether it is dinner, a holiday, or another special occasion, so you can confidently serve your favorite foods. Every heavy-duty, durable paper plate and paper bowl is microwavable, cut resistant, and has a Soak Proof Shield to protect against greasy or saucy foods. All Dixie Ultra products (paper bowls and paper plates) manufactured in Georgia-Pacific facilities are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

About this item

  • Dixie Ultra disposable paper bowls have a Soak Proof Shield to keep saucy and greasy foods from leaving a mess on your hands.
  • The 20-ounce bowl is the perfect size for chili, soups, and salads.
  • Built strong to handle whatever you dish out.
  • Microwave Safe and Cut Resistant.
  • Includes 156 bowls, 20-ounce disposable paper bowls (6 packs of 26 bowls each).

Dixie Ultra Heavy-Duty Disposable Paper Bowls, 20 oz.

Sturdy Dixie Ultra disposable paper bowls give you the strength you need to serve all your favorite foods. Each reinforced bowl holds 20oz. And is made strong so you will not have to worry about dishes bending, food sliding off, or sauces and ice cream soaking through. Dixie Ultra paper plates and bowls are built for strength so you can keep coming back for more.

Ultra Strong Paper Bowls

Feel confident serving heavy, messy foods such as chili, spaghetti, or stews with Dixie Ultra paper bowls. These sturdy bowls are built strong, so they can handle what you dish out.

Ideal for Heavy, Messy Meals

Dixie Ultra paper bowls have a Soak Proof Shield to keep saucy, soupy, or greasy foods from soaking through the bowl so you won’t end up with a mess on your hands (or on your lap).

Great for Entertaining

From casual picnics to family celebrations, the Dixie Ultra collection has the right size for every course. Choose dinner plates, lunch plates, dessert plates, and bowls for your next party to keep the focus on fun, not cleaning up.

Ultra Strength You Can Count On

Strong, stylish, and dependable, you’ll want to have Dixie Ultra disposable plates and bowls on hand when you plan to serve heavy, messy meals. They are built for strength with a Soak Proof Shield that can handle juicy, greasy, or saucy foods without leaving a mess on your hands. From weeknight dinners to backyard barbecues to holiday meals, choose Dixie Ultra, and you will make sure your family and friends come back for more.

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