Rubber Sink Stopper

Rubber Sink Stopper

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Buy This One-Period! My mother-in-law recently came to live with us and was used to using a sink stopper that held water in the sink. We had previously used the sink stopper that we had -but it wasn’t handy. I bought a couple at the local hardware stores – might as well use the old stopper!

I saw this on Amazon-with good reviews. So it arrived, and I put it in the sink. I thought it worked quite slick. I showed it to my mother -in law, and she has used it for three days. This morning over coffee, she said how nice the new sink stopper worked. Small things I know – but I liked the fact that she was happy with the original stopper. She gets around ok she keeps busy like helping as much as she can around the house. So – if your mother-in-law comes to live with you. Buy this rubber sink stopper! Its small things.


  • Best value replacement brushed Rubber Sink Stopper for any standard kitchen sink drain, fits in place of Insinkerator qcb-am baffle splash guard and stopper.
  • No tools needed, easy to replace that old, damaged, or misplaced splash guard to keep the food & debris from splashing up.
  • Hold water in your sink & help keep your silverware and unwanted items from going down the drain yet while allowing food to necessarily go into your disposal.
  • Fits all standard sinks and disposal by Kohler, Moen, and garbage disposals by Insinkerator, waste king, sink master, Whirlaway, and many others.

Measurements: The widest diameter, including the rubber, is 3 3/8″. The rubber slightly compresses when you put it in the sink to create a tight seal.

Rubber Sink Stopper

Rubber Sink Stopper

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