Satin Panties

Colorful Star 5 Pack Women’s Sexy Satin Panties

Are you looking for panties like these for a while where they have the shiny look of satin but have a little stretch to them?

Satin Panties fit great and feel great. For those who wear panties, these will work well for you as they have enough stretch to accommodate comfortably. 130lbs curvy-size Medium fits great-love the look, and you love these satins. This metallic shine is beautiful and rare in a string bikini cut. The model had no complaints and kept them after the shoot.

They are friendly and comfortable. The backside is cut kind of narrow and doesn’t cover all of your butts, and it looks very sexy. They are smooth and well made and feel very nice.  Satin panties from the ’80s and early ’90s or the Joe Boxer kind, but they are still adorable.

I hope you love these panties. They’re incredibly comfortable and well made. Satin panties have more colors, and you have just to choose the right one. Most of the users say they love to see a black or navy.

If you are developing a more considerable booty over the last two years, your cheeks stick out a bit too much from these panties and like them. However, and find them to be soft and beautiful. They are the best you have seen in quite a while, wish they had more stock available. A good bunch of people thou and they r great.

They seem sexy to the touch, and the cut is flattering. We recommend you to go with the standard size panty you usually wear. Most of the man who loves women’s satin and sexy silk panties. They buy many pairs here, and women like these the best. All the panties are more faithful to the size. If you buy one time and use this, I am sure you are going to repurchase these. Good luck and have fun.

Material: Satin

Hand Washable

5 Packs, Satin Bikinis Underwear


  • 8-20 Days Delivery to the US
  • 10-20 Days to Other Countries

Available in 6 US sizes:

  1. S/5
  2. M/6
  3. L/7
  4. XL/8
  5. XXL/9
  6. 3XL/10

Satin Panties

Satin Panties, from amazon

Satin Panties

Satin Panties, from amazon

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