Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish

Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish

It sounds so silly that buying polish could be one of the best things to ever happen to a person. This nail polish is absolutely beautiful. Maybe it’s just your love for purple and blue, this color range specifically. If you look at it forever, that does an excellent job of showing the different colors! Sometimes it seems hot pink, occasionally deep purple, other times teal! It is literally unbelievable.

Shade Shifter is multi-chrome that changes depending on light and angle from cyan, to blue, to red-orange, to purple, and more. We most often see a cyan blue shade. Best in 3 coats, or one coat over black, this polish is one you will have to see to believe!

These polishes are jaw-dropping, just by changing the angle you view your nails at, you can see an instant flip of your polish color, no sun or temperature change needed! Just move your fingers and toes and watch the magic as these polish shades dazzle you with their magical color shifting powers.

Features and Benefits

  • Multichrome color shifting polish – Shifts Colors Based On Viewing Angles.
  • Best in 3 coats, or one coat over black.
  • It does NOT contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or Dibutyl Phthalate.
  • Flat Brush for Easy Application.
  • Full-Sized 15 ml Bottle.

Brand: KBShimmer.

Color: blue-red.

Publisher: KBShimmer.

Type: Multi-Chrome Glitter.

Load: None Glitter.

Size: None Recommended.

Coats: Best in 3 layers, or one coat over black, this polish is one you will have to see to believe!

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.1 x 4.0 inches.

Notes: None of the multi-chrome nail polishes are some of the most distracting nail polishes ever. Changing, shifting, morphing colors all based on the angle of your tips.

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