Shark Car

Shark Car

Buy your Cute little shark car. You love the shark mouth chomping action when it rolls! Your son loves it so much. Your three years old kids love this car. Its closest to the Shark Car he/she sees in his favorite Umizoomi episode. The chomping action and sounds entertain him/her and aren’t annoying to you – bonus. If you want to launch most light-and-sound toys out the window after an hour, it made by high-quality plastic; it’s durable. Your son has started it down a short flight of stairs many times. It still works just fine. That’s a rarity these days.

You bought this for your grandson as he likes sharks. The toy arrived quickly (2 days); it came well packaged and protected. Your grandson loves this toy, and it is cute, your grandson is happy with it. The light is durable, and it rolled, it works just fine and seems to mind the light working lovely. It is a cute little inexpensive toy, and I will buy another for my nephew.

Customer Review

My five years old kid loves sharks, so this was a great birthday present. He loves to have it chase the dog and race it himself. The initial “wow” factor was not there when he opened it, but he liked it once he started to play with it and saw what it did and the sounds. I would say overall, and it is price a little comfortable for what it is, though, so I have to keep five stars. My godson loved it!

This shark car was a gift at his/her shark themed birthday party. It was such a hit! The kids wanted to put their fingers in the shark mouth while it chomped down. Too funny! (And in case you’re wondering, no injuries!)

Product description

This is motorized light and sound vehicles with extreme action and themed music.


  • Unique hot wheels vehicle styles with new characterized actions.
  • Buttons unlock motorized drive action with ‘chomping’ fun!
  • Features new light effects, fun sounds, and character-themed music, Creepy sounds.
  • Startup sounds, motorized forward drive, and extreme effects.
  • Music with forward and reverse synced movement.

Shark Car

Shark Car

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