Single Rose

Single Rose

Single Rose has always been a symbol of love, appreciation, and beauty. This gold foil rose is a pleasant gift for mom, for wife, for girlfriend. Besides, it is very suitable for home table decoration, office arrangement, and party wedding decoration. One exquisite shows your delicate and romantic lifestyle!

  1. Red rose means passion and love.
  2. Blue rose flower means kindness.
  3. Gold rose flower is a promise for your lover.

You can take the rose flowers as birthday gifts for mom, for wife and your girlfriends, no woman could refuse the rose. This single rose is a great gift for any occasion, the box is good quality and arrived right on time. Worth the money and sentimental value.


Date & Express Daily Love: Pleasant gifts for wife, girlfriend, lover, nice for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Courtship. One exquisite shows your delicate and romantic lifestyle!

Thanksgiving Parents & Elders: Brilliant and elegant foil rose to make it a perfect gift choice for parents, teachers, elders, children, friends, and company staff.

For Solemn Moments: Mother’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Thanksgiving, Graduations, Party Wedding Decoration, Retirement, etc.

Single or Flower Bouquet: You can buy more to make a bouquet for your gift needs. It looks more beautiful and showing a high-grade atmosphere. 6-10 pieces are fine.

Made by no smelling artificial flowers with 24k gold plated acrylic stem and petal leaves, very gorgeous and never fade.

Features and Benefits

  • 24K gold to preserve the roses for a lifetime. Rose represents love, and 24k gold rose to stand for forever love.
  • Color never fades, never perishing, and never dies. This rose will take your regards to her who will keep youth forever.
  • Sending a meaningful gift for the women who are important in your life, wonderful gift presents for birthday; romantic and surprise for her on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Teachers’ Day, Graduations, Party, Wedding, Anniversaries, Retirement, etc;
  • Enjoy our sales service: When you buy the rose gift in our  Store, if you have any other questions, please contact ct Seller, and we will deal with it for you as soon as possible, click Buy Now and Add to Cart!

Single Rose

Single Rose, from amazon

Single Rose

Single Rose, from amazon

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