Snowflake Projector

Snowflake Projector

Wall decoration light, moving automatically, take more fun for your party, festival, and family party. Ideal for wedding backgrounds, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, home, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke, fashion shows, dance hall, and so on.  Easy to install, can use indoor or outdoor. Waterproof IP65 even can use the rainy weather, but can’t be used in the heavy rain weather. Durable, even on freezing days, it could work well. With energy-efficient, ultra-long life, up to 5000 hours.
Main Features: 
  • The LED light projects moving snowflakes onto any flat surface.
  • It adds dynamic movement to your outdoor holiday display.
  • Five meters cable connect with the lamp, use more flexible.
  • LED quantity: 6 LEDs.
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240V.
  • Available plug type: US plug / EU plug / UK Plug.
  • Waterproof: IP65.
  • Irradiation area: 50 – 100 square meters.
Is Bulbs Included: Yes
Is Dimmable: No
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Power Source: AC
Protection Level: IP65
Style: Art Deco, Novelty
Usage: Holiday
Package Weight: 0.723 kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 9.40 x 9.70 x 9.70 cm / 3.7 x 3.82 x 3.82 inches
Package Size(L x W x H): 19.70 x 15.50 x 11.50 cm / 7.76 x 6.1 x 4.53 inches
Package Contents: 1 x LED Snowflake Light, 1 x Ground Stake, 1 x Allen Wrench, 1 x Plug, 1 x English User Manual

IPXX Rating Chart

ZIP Code
The IP Code (or International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating*) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional message. As defined in international standard IEC 60529. It classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users with more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

The digits (characteristic numerals) indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below. For example, an electrical socket rated IP22 is protected against the insertion of fingers. It will not be damaged or become unsafe during a specified test in which it is expos to vertically or nearly vertically dripping water. IP22 or 2X are typical minimum requirements for the design of electrical accessories for indoor use.
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