Solar Rope Lights

Solar Rope Lights

Solar Rope Lights is 41 feet an odd length, but the lights are high. Zip tied them to the coping of your above ground pool for an impressive effect. Rope Light enough to illuminate the pool also enough light to set your mood. Solar lights run full strength all night long, and it turns them off at dawn. They turn themselves on at dusk. You love it.

Rope Lights are adorable little lights. You buy them for use on your patio since you frequently entertain in the evening/night. You placed them into a large cut crystal bowl. They look so pretty. The only “con” about these is the battery pack is BLACK and very large, comparatively – probably 2.5″x3″ or so, whereas the lights are the size of a sewing pinhead. You have no idea how the base isn’t showing in the other pictures. It’s not a problem for you since the bowl you are using is not plain see-through glass, but to cover it a bit more, you folded the battery case into a piece of aluminum foil, and it looks great. You don’t think this trick would work if you were using plain glass, but you could cover it with marbles or sand or gravel.

Solar Rope Lights worked perfectly. You put these in your holiday door wreath, and they worked wonderfully. You have had the same wreath for many years now, and your previous house, the front door was sunken, and the porch light was right by the wreath, out the new home is not like this. Due to a dark doorway, you decided your beautiful wreath that couldn’t see needed some sprucing up. You are seeking out these lights locally, but no one had any. Now you get these, and they are amazing.

You must string them through your wreath and it just really lights it up and brings out the beauty once again. You kept it on the timer, and it would come on at 4 pm every day and off at 10 pm. This light was the best investment by far and not that expensive. You contemplated putting in a different color, but you are so glad that you chose these; they are just beautiful in your wreath. You do have an ordinary wreath, so if yours is more significant, you may want more than one as it was just barely enough for your wreath.

All in all, I would recommend these to anyone and everyone. Lights are on a silver wire, and the bulbs are tiny, and it’s so easy to hide them in anything. You use rope lights beautiful in a centerpiece, in a window, in a hurricane vase, and so many other places. Views are subtle enough that you don’t have to worry about darkness. They also don’t get hot, so you don’t have to worry about the fire.

You purchased these and could be happier with this product. These lights are adorable. They are very tiny and on a bendable strand that you can add to anything. These solar rope lights are fantastic for any occasional decoration.

About the product

  • SOLAR-POWERED & NO OUTLET REQUIRED: Equipped with a smart light sensor and rechargeable battery, Oak Leaf Rope Lights Outdoor turn on automatically at night after charged in the sunlight during a good day, freeing you from any electricity cost and troubles finding outdoor power outlets.
  • 100 LED LIGHTS WITH SUFFICIENT LENGTH: Compared with standard Solar Rope Lights, this Light String boasts a more extended length measuring 41 feet, providing enough lights for lining large areas like walkways, swimming pool, windows, trees, and other outdoor objects.
  • MALLEABLE PVC TUBE COVER: This Outdoor Solar String Lights are characterized by bendable PVC tubes, making it possible for you to shape the lights as you like. Just ignite your imagination!
  • WATER AND WEATHER RESISTANT: Both the lights and solar panels of this Solar Tube Lights are plastic wrapped with a waterproof level of the IP65 and IP44, respectively. You can apply them in outdoor areas without worrying about the rainy days.
  • 2 LIGHTING MODE FOR YOUR CHOICE: This Rope Light String comes with a button for you to adjust the two lighting modes, flashlight, and steady-on light. Just pick the one to create the atmosphere you like for different settings.

Solar-powered and cost-saving

Turn on automatically at dusk if fully charged during the day, freeing you from electricity bills or troubles finding outlets. Waterproof solar panel & lights for outdoor lighting in gardens, yards, walkways, etc. 41ft long string for outlining sidewalks, trees, gazebos, railings, decks, etc.
Steady on/ flashlight modes for different moods in parties, weddings, birthdays. This flexible string helps you to shape the light creatively.

1. Working time: The Solar Rope Lights will illuminate for over 17 hours with a full charge (require a continuous fee for 6-8 hours). The working time varies with the intensity of sunlight, location, weather conditions, and seasonal shifts.
2. Brightness: The Rope Lights are bright enough for accent lighting (do not attract bug) but not for focused lighting.
3. Length: The length of the light string is fixed. It cannot be cut or prolonged.

Solar Rope Lights

Solar Rope Lights

Solar Rope Lights

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